One thought on “Nawab Akbar Bugti – 4th death anniversary”

  1. The truth about the man is hidden.I wonder if he was thinking of Baloch unity when he cleansed the land he claimed for his tribe,along with marri, of saller Baloch tribes….Only the Bugti tribesmen near him can tell us the truth as well as those associated with them.The common Baloch of Balochistan know not his truth….
    Have they forgotten him as chief minister of Balochistan? His government brought no significant change to Balochistan.While he was in power as the Chief Minister of Baluchistan he did not create any schools or hospitals or roads or anything else for that matter. Many allege his main concern was to make sure he got a lion’s share from the huge natural gas reserves of the province. Some claim he ran a parallel government in his and tried to crush all those who opposed him, Baloch or non-Baloch….he literally got millions out of the net royalty paid by the Pakistan government…did he share it with the other Baloch or ATLEAST his tribesmen? Go there, see the Bugti tribe’s condition and ask them yourself….

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