2 thoughts on “Karachi : ANP leader shot dead & violence”

  1. Karachi has been enduring frequent violence events for the last couple years. During this period the death toll has reached in hundreds. The city is home to about 18 million people and serves as business hub of the country. Political killings have recently been escalated. Members of the ruling alliance of three parties are being shot dead on regular basis.
    A few weeks ago, the mafia made their presence felt once again when they killed a political figure Raza Haider, senior leader of the city’s dominant political party, along with two guards. After this sad incident , government claimed to bring the cold-blooded culprits to law. This incident triggered the chaos and violence deteriorating the law and order situation throughout the city. Outbreak of violence following the deadly attack resulted in deaths of several innocent people.

    After tragedies the terror prevails and the businesses remain closed for many days. The closure of businesses and shops means a substantial loss to the economy of the country. In a situation like this daily wagers, belonging to the lower class, will not have money to buy food to feed their families. These incidents mount heavy deficit to the budget targets. The economy can not grow or even function normal when there is an entire day without business in the financial hub.

  2. We all know who runs Karachi. Looking at past, it becomes obvious that Karachi gets captured by chaos and terror after every tragedy . The reason for this mishappening is lack of patience. It is the responsibility of the dominant party to guide people prudently and change their mind-set to avoid violence after tragedies occur. It must urge the people to have patience until the full disclosure. We see terror attacks in Punjab very oftenly but they look better than karachiites when it comes to cope with such situations . Because of the alliance with ANP and MQM, federal government seems to be paralyzed. It has failed to protect the people of the city. It should realize the sensitivity of the issue and must address it in a proper and effective manner before it is too late.
    The government says that there is evidence that those causing trouble in the city have links to the. Taliban Federal Interior Minister stated that this assassination could be the work of Taliban-linked militant groups. But MQM, representing the city’s majority Urdu-speaking community, blamed the attack on a rival political force, the Awami National Party which is a representative of Karachi ‘s ethnic Pashtun population. It has been seen that these two major political forces have routinely blamed each other for deadly attacks on their activists.
    As we know that we are quite emotional as a nation. We react to the things emotionally while completely forgetting its adverse outcome. We must understand that during such trying times Pakistan needs our honest and patient services more than it needs impulsive reactions. It won’t be totally wrong to say that these outbreaks of violence in the city have exposed the helplessness and inability of the government to perform its basic duty which is to protect its citizens.

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