Pakistani mom: Take my baby; she’ll have a better life

Sindh Province, Pakistan – The first things you notice are the flies. They form what looks like a buzzing black crust on children’s lips, eyes and foreheads. The children are either too tired to keep brushing them away or too used to them to bother.

“We have terrible problem with flies,” 50-year-old Khuda Jatoi says in Sindhi, the local language here. Everyone here is suffering from something. Still, the moment they see us, everyone scrambles to find a suitable place for us. Someone is trying to find a chair for us to sit down. Father Khuda Joti is insisting on giving us tea or sending someone to buy a cold drink. We are guests in his makeshift shelter, and he wants to give us the best of what he has. We cannot bring ourselves to take anything from him. He and his family have lost nearly everything they own.

They are victims of the worst floods Pakistan has ever seen, and yet they are trying to make us comfortable. That keeps happening everywhere we go. The day before, in a school-turned-clinic, a few ladies who had survived the floods handed me a “hair catcher” because they could see that I was sweating profusely, and they wanted to make me more comfortable. At the same time, the men kept fanning us with brightly colored hand fans. It makes me feel both ashamed about how much I have and don’t appreciate, and inspired by the kindness that is clearly being extended with no expectation of anything in return.

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One thought on “Pakistani mom: Take my baby; she’ll have a better life”

  1. this story is a clear view of the world in its reality…a seemingly filthy on some parts and scenic on other…but the people who inhabits are what makes the wheel running and turning…it is we who chooses what position we will be and we make of others…the will is within the bounds of our faculties… we can choose to partake, we can choose to share effort, we can make others see the light of hope by being a living example of love for others…take time to reflect..
    what can i do?
    how can i help?
    how do i want to see myself as i stand infront of a mirror, a selfless or a selfish?
    what have i done to make this situation better?
    did i make a child or a mother smile?
    candid questions to help us find our worth as HUMAN….HUMANE…

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