While, Pakistanis are dying to be pro-Arab, the beloved Ummah doesn’t give a damn!!!

DIPLOMATIC BUBBLES: Disaster tourism amidst concern for Muslim Ummah —By Saeed Minhas


…. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt and their oil-controlling giant Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has contributed only a couple of hundred million dollars altogether, and that too through the Red Crescent or other International organisations for in-kind donations. Despite knowing that over 65 helicopters, 19 of which come from the US alone, are working around the clock, none of these oil-rich countries have even asked to foot the oil bill or donate oil for these humanitarian sorties. An hour of a helicopter flight costs an estimated Rs 100,000 in fuel expenses alone, and so far as per the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) figures, over 200 hours of flight operations have been carried out throughout Pakistan.

Another diplomat chipped in by saying that all these ‘brothers’ seem to be good enough for political and strategic guarantees but nothing more for Pakistan. …

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Turmoil in Panjgur, Balochistan

Editorial: Turmoil in Panjgur

The political and security situation in Panjgur, a district located on the Iranian border, has turned very hostile and tense after the Frontier Corps (FC) shot dead Hussain Baloch, a young political activist belonging to Katagri area. Hussain was among hundreds of male and female protestors who demonstrated against the recent arrest of three Baloch leaders Dr. Abid Shah, Safeer Baloch and Abdul Sattar Paromi. …

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‘Parliament with unlimited powers can secularise state’

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court was hearing petitions challenging the 18th Amendment on Monday, DawnNews reported.

A 17-judge full court, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, was hearing petitions challenging certain clauses in the Amendment.

During the hearing, the federation lawyer said that the parliament’s powers were limitless.

Responding to that, Chief Justice Iftikhar said that limitless powers could secularise the country.

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Flood – Who caused devastation in Sindh?

by Munawar Ali

We know that this is not the only flood in history. On one hand the corrupt govenment officials put all funds in their pockets and [according to conspiracy theories] on the other hand some selfish politicians artificially cut the Torri bund just to save their lands and some say to save Pano Aqil cantonment. These leaders have drowned and destroyed whole Sindh now. There is Ali Wahan site from where normally water is discharged in case of such floods, which would have caused least damage to the life of people and few towns affected. Now whole of upper Sindh is drowned and still continuing, spreading to all of Sindh. This is very disturbing that for personal gains of couple of politicians whole Sindh has been destroyed.

Courtesy: Mehran & SANAlist, August 16, 2010