Flood in Sindh and Corruption

by Sarfraz Memon

Every year there is budget of billions of rupees to clean the canals and reinforce the banks, but that never happens. We all know how much rich are the corrupt engineers of irrigation department in Sindh. Those corrupt ministers, engineers, civil-Military bureaucrats and politicians  proudly display their bungalows that value 100-200 million rupees. Have multiple cars and drivers. Have lands and fishing ponds. And because they don’t want people to see all they have, they probably own kilograms of gold, for future use. These corrupt engineers don’t even settle for Lacs, but Crores every month. The race goes on between irrigation and other specialties such as roads and buildings, who make billions of rupees showing roads, public facilities, sewer, and schools, built on paper. …

Courtesy: SANAlist, August 13, 2010

2 thoughts on “Flood in Sindh and Corruption”

  1. @ author
    Dear, corruption and bad governance are the main culprits behind this devastation. Leave alone other departments just take public works departments including Irrigation department, which are currently filled with the most corrupt and laziest/ lethargic engineers on earth. Billions and billions of rupees have been pocketed by these sloths.

    I am sorry to mention only one name in Irragation Department (Mr. Bashir Dahar) who has pocketed so much that he has a palatial residence in the most expensive locality. And that has been furnished with expensive decore. Shopped from US and UAE for his son’s marriage. the list is unending for crimes that the lot like him has committed. But the result is devastations for Sindh

  2. A week country is easy to control for self benifits, as such it is a settled law “divide and rule”.On this principle the country is divided in many ethinic, race,religious, caste,nations and other groups by the powerful internal and external sources.Even the thinkers of the country are used by these sources.they have no idea ,what they are thinking ,writing and talking .First of all we must realise that this country is a federation and all units have equal participation and roll and no one is superior then other .Otherwise One nation is only be seen when there is a danger to the country , all individuals and groups of society are tying to convert hunderads in to thousands ,thousands in to lacs, lacs in to millions and millions into billions.No one is behind to the other . A worst situation .As was in the last days of shah Iran in the decade of 1980s.AS a question who is currupt in this country ?.The answer is 100% of the population and institutions of this country are currupt . If we prepare alist of currupt departments of country and provinces ,there are so many other departments which are in the first lines of the list .On the otheer hand politicions Industrlists, holesalers, dealers, retailers, NGOs.civil society. advocates,……………etc . To whome we condeme for all of this . Irrigation Department.NO .Who is behind a Department. Think Think Think and explore……………..if u can do

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