Black peppers have anti anxiety properties

Black pepper (kaaraa merch) have Chromium and Chrysin compounds. Chrysin is a bioflavonoid and it is a natural aromatase-inhibitor that increases free testosterone. Therefore, pepper has libido-enhancing effect and anti anxiety properties. Chromium is trace mineral that balance the sugar in our body. Different levels of sugar/glucose in the body effects the mood, therefore, by balancing the sugar levels in the body black peppers help keep up the good mood.

India offers $5 million to Pakistan for flood victims

New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANS) Setting aside bitterness over the failed talks between India and Pakistan last month, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna Friday spoke to his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi and offered $5 million for flood victims in Pakistan.

In a telephone conversation, Krishna conveyed to his Pakistani counterpart India’s solidarity with the people of Pakistan in their hour of need, the external affairs ministry said here.

On behalf of the people and government of India, he also conveyed deepest sympathies and condolences to the people and Government of Pakistan at this natural disaster, the ministry added.

During the conversation, Krishna offered the Indian government’s assistance of $5 million for relief material from India for the victims of the floods.

India’s solidarity with flood victims and offer of aid to Pakistan is seen as an important gesture to create a positive atmosphere despite bitter recriminations that followed the July 15 talks between the foreign ministers of the two countries.

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Flood in Sindh and Corruption

by Sarfraz Memon

Every year there is budget of billions of rupees to clean the canals and reinforce the banks, but that never happens. We all know how much rich are the corrupt engineers of irrigation department in Sindh. Those corrupt ministers, engineers, civil-Military bureaucrats and politicians  proudly display their bungalows that value 100-200 million rupees. Have multiple cars and drivers. Have lands and fishing ponds. And because they don’t want people to see all they have, they probably own kilograms of gold, for future use. These corrupt engineers don’t even settle for Lacs, but Crores every month. The race goes on between irrigation and other specialties such as roads and buildings, who make billions of rupees showing roads, public facilities, sewer, and schools, built on paper. …

Courtesy: SANAlist, August 13, 2010

Flood IDPs Camps in Karachi

Due to violent monsoon and floods thousands of people have already migrated from Ghotki, Sukkur, Larkana, Shikarpur and Jacobabad. In a latest development 90% of Jacobabad has been evacuated. Special trains have been mobilized for the refugees, heading towards Hyderabad and Karachi. Humanitarian Community is requested to respond accordingly. There may be some other camps but so far four camps are identified in Karachi by our civil society teams, political parties and media friends.

The mass evacuation of Jacobabad due to flood waters that are approaching fast to the city, Sindh Government has decided to move the IDPs from Jacobabad to Karachi , Hyderabad and Jamshoro. The current update is that CDGK has identified following four locations in Karachi where the IDPs will be brought in 1. Gaddap, 2. Bin Qasim Town, 3. Kiamari, 4. Toll Plaza

KARACHI: Chakra Goth, Korangi: In this camp at least 40 families, migrated from Thul, Jacobabad are living in very vulnerable conditions. To babies were born during floods and they are in a very critical health conditions.

Shah Rasool Colony, near Abdullah Shah Ghazi mazar, Saddar Town: 32 families are migrated from Kachho of Larkana, most are women and minor kids.

Mehmoodabad Graveyard: 45 families from different flood hit areas of upper Sindh are there and looking for help.

Sachal Goth: hundreds of flood survivors, displaced and now living on footpaths in a very pathetic situation. …

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, 13 Augsut 2010

Hilarious comedy Sindhi film

After grand success of film “Vaeesara Ee Gum” one more Hilarious comedy Sindhi film from the same group “Trapada Teshan Te” is being released on 27.08.2010 at Inox-fame, Cinemax Mumbai, Ashok Anil Ulhasnagar and Jaswant Tulli maal Nagpur simultaneously.

This is full family drama. First time in history of sindhi films a tussle between mother in law and son in law instead of daughter in law will be shown. The film revolves round a rich lady who never liked her son in law. She is fond of money and money only which maker her away from his son and son in law. How they come together is to be seen in the film.

The film is Produced and Directed by Mohan Sachdev and written by Kishor Lalwani. The cast includes Jeetu Vazirani, Vinod Ramani, Varsha Ahuja, Vinod Khemani,, Ashok Punjabi,Gopal Khemani, Ashok Jeswani, Tulsi Setia,Kishor Lalwani, Laxman Thawani and many more. Lyrics are written by Mohan Sachdev and music by Yograj. Every Sindhi must watch this film and contribute to the cause of Sindhiat.

August 13, 2010

Jinnah’s secularism

By A. G. Noorani

Courtesy: Frontline

THERE is an aspect to L.K. Advani’s comments on Jinnah at Karachi which has been overlooked. A month or so earlier, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, the rabid Jamaat-e-Islami leader of Pakistan, had denounced Jinnah’s famous presidential speech to Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947. Advani’s praise and quotation from the speech has boosted the morale of Pakistan’s secularists who always cited it.

The speech has been quoted in bits and pieces; never analysed as a whole. Nor for that matter the entire and considerable corpus of Jinnah’s record from 1906 to 1948. There is no single complete series of his Collected Works. One such effort ended in 1931. Historians in India, Pakistan and abroad propound fanciful theories from their own standpoints; never mind the record. The speech was neither an act of contrition or repentance nor a reflection of two Jinnahs. He had unwisely used the poisonous two-nation theory to promote under the slogan of Pakistan, his real objective – a power-sharing accord. Gandhi, Nehru and Patel sabotaged the Cabinet Mission’s Plan of May 16, 1946, for United India which was done in complicity with Stafford Cripps (vide “Cripps and India’s Partition”, Frontline, August 2, 2002).

OPINION – Jinnah’s speech was a crie de coeur. He had not changed his outlook. In 1919 he gave evidence before the Joint Select Committee of the British Parliament on the Government of India Bill. His answers to questions by one of its members, Major Ormsby-Gore, bear recalling today.

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