Karachi – this is how MQM mourns peacefully…!

1 MP shot dead & in reaction, till morning, 40 people were killed, hundreds injured, 70 shops burnt of a particular community that a particular party is scared of, 50 vehicles torched. Karachi & Hyderabad paralyzed…! Life on a standstill! And this is how MQM mourns peacefully…! …

Pakistan – Kayani is “King” again!

Only 2 chiefs in 14 years, Kayani is “King” again! New theories on Pak General’s 3 -years extension.

By a Staff Writer

ISLAMABAD – The truth is that the Chief of the Army Staff is the real ruler in Pakistan. It is he who decides who will be the president and prime minister of the country, according to political observers. They say even the dismissal and the re-instatement of the Supreme Court judges is the right of the army chief.

It is still fresh in the minds of the people of Pakistan that Gen. Parvez Musharraf as army chief bulldozed the whole judiciary…… Perhaps Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa was correct when she said it’s wrong to assume that military is out of Pakistan’s politics. “Military is not out of politics. The (military commanders) are not in driver’s seat and they need not be because they have chauffeurs to drive for them.” She was quoted as saying by Canadian Asian News. Dr. Siddiqa, a political analysit and author of famous book – Military Inc: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy, was in Toronto in March this year to deliver a lecture. She opined that military commanders are the real rulers in Pakistan. It does not matter whether they occupy the front seat or take the back seat.

During his lecture in Toronto recently, another political analyst Dr. Haider Nizamani, a professor at the University of Columbia, said that in a greater interest of the country, the army should stop calling  thepolitical shots.”

Courtesy: Asian News, August 01, 2010, Vol. 14, No. 184

Afghan errors spill into Pakistan – By Haroon Siddiqui

……. All this is at odds with the bilateral goal of cooperating over Afghanistan. And it has convinced Pakistan to look after its interests in post-NATO Afghanistan.

It is thus pushing its own “Taliban” — two warlords, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Jalaluddin Haqqani. The names are familiar because they were part of the seven pro-American, CIA-backed mujahideen groups that overturned the 1980-88 Soviet occupation.

Both these Pakistani “assets” live in North Waziristan under Pakistani protection. That Haqqani’s son, Sirajuddin, is on America’s most wanted list is a matter of minor inconvenience. Thus this response from Obama to Pakistan’s overtures: “I think we have to view these efforts with skepticism but also with openness.”

Afghanistan’s war is being lost in Pakistan, says Shuja Nawaz of the Washington-based Atlantic Council, who has just released a thoughtful analysis of the American-Pakistani relationship. He argues for attending to all the above irritants.

Nawaz also notes that America’s NATO allies “have been missing in action in Pakistan.”

Canada could have a carved out a special diplomatic role for itself, leading to our departure from Afghanistan next year. But Harper has taken a pass.

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by Ali Akbar, Karachi

The indigenous People in Sindh Rural and Urban areas particularly in Karachi city, has been targeted and assailed by gangs and groups of Dacoits and Criminals belonging to Sindh rural as well as urban areas of Sindh Province. The Criminals belonging to other Provinces Support them to commit crimes of various nature in the cities & towns of Sindh Province. In rural Sindh some well off People are being abducted in the day light as well as in the night hours. In the night time, all roads in Sindh are not safe and People in the vehicles or other sort of transport are being robbed and harassed physically as well as financially. In Karachi, Vehicles are being snatched on gun points and gathered some place from where they start bargaining to return the stolen and robbed vehicles other wise these vehicles are sent to the cities of other Provinces and sell them to their agents who make bargains or change all the spare parts and sell them to the Workshops or garages where vehicles are repaired and made fit for plying purpose.The spare parts are sold in very cheap Prices from where the needy people purchase and get their old and out of use vehicles repaired and maintained.For all this Criminal trade Police working in Anti car theft and other Police departments are well aware of such activities and also are collaborating these criminals.