WSC Raises issues of Sindh

WSC Raises Appropriation of Water from River Indus and Plunder of Natural Resources of Sindh in Liberation AGM

London- (PR) : World Sindhi Congress raised the appropriation of water from River Indus and plunder of natural resources of Sindh at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Liberation held in London on 24th July 2010. World Sindhi Congress was represented by Dr Haleem Bhatti, Suraiya Makhdoom, and Dr Rubina Greenwood.

WSC’s resolution was focused on the appropriation of water from River Indus by Punjab. Indus is the only perennial source of freshwater that sustains the people, local environment and economy of Sindh. The 1945

Sindh-Punjab Water Agreement granted a 75% share of waters to Sindh. But to benefit Punjab at the cost of Sindh, the 1991 water accord was concluded to establish Punjab’s hold on the Indus waters. The irony is that Pakistan does not even honour this agreement and keep on reducing Sindh’s share of water under different schemes.

It was also highlighted in resolution that ownership of natural resources have gradually been assumed by Islamabad, after numerous military interventions and ensuing constitutional crises rendered Pakistan’s 1940 Covenant virtually redundant. Nature has bestowed Sindh

with valuable natural resources, such as oil, gas and coal. Yet the poverty rates in Sindh are high, medical facilities are scarce and education sector remains neglected. Sindh contributes more than 69%

federal finances and receives back only about 11%.

The resolution raised the forced disappearnces of Aakash Mallah, Noor Mohammad Kashkely and Ghulam Quadir Boriro.

Resolution also addressed the systematic victimization of religious minorities. It was highlighted that Hindus, Ahmadis and Christians have always been subjected to violation and persecution. The latest incident is the massacre of some 100 Ahmedis at two mosques in Lahore in May 2010, where they were holding their Friday


At the end, the mover of the Resolution requested the Liberation and its Chair, Jermey Corbyn MP to write to the authorities about the issues focused in the Resolution and raise them in the UK parliament as well. The AGM elected Dr Rubina Greenwood as a member of the Liberation Central Council.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, Sunday, 25th July, 2010

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