BNP-M leader Habib Jalib Baloch Assassinated

BNP-M leader Habib Jalib Baloch shot dead

Moscow-educated Jalib was a prominent Baloch intellectual and a former chairman of the Baloch Students Organisation.

QUETTA: Central Secretary-General of the Balochistan National Party – Mengal (BNP – M) and former senator Habib Jalib Baloch was shot dead in Quetta on Wednesday.

Jalib, a senior Supreme Court lawyer, was on his way to the court when he was killed by three unknown assailants riding a motorbike in Quetta’s Musa Colony area.

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6 thoughts on “BNP-M leader Habib Jalib Baloch Assassinated”

  1. i am living in punjab since my childhood i request to all the pakistanis that plz do something to stop the brutalities in BALOCHISTAN,NWFP ,SINDH AND ALSO PUNJAB BCOZ APPARENTLY these provinces seems different but we are ONE NATION .No one has power/authority to break the calm of these provinces because HUM AIK HAIN , HUM AIK HAIN,HUM AIK HAIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. jalib was the man of integrity ( one should do thats right and just to do) i wholeheartedly salutes to jalib (the great).jalib is still alive in our hearts

  3. Baloch leader Habib Jalib was a great, tremendous and marvelous leader no one cannot fill the space of Habibullah (H J) such kind of leader birth in centuries in the nations. After assassination Habibullah baloch people deprived by a great a man of letters, lawyer and civilized man.

    1. it may be his dream of greater balochistan but balochistan is the bric of building of pakistan and can not be seperated from pakistan. It is always said that balochistan is a backward area because of lack of opport from govt but if we see the reality then we can find that pak army and govt is providing a lot of opprt. now it is on baloch people to utilize these oppertunities and diminish the rift created by anti pakistan elements.

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