Closure of C-J, Thal link canals demanded

By Zeeshan Azmat

Karachi – Representatives of various political parties demanded the permanent closure of Chasma-Jehlum link canal and greater Thal canal at a seminar organised by the Awami Jahmoori Council (AJC) on Saturday.

The seminar, titled “Democracy and provincial autonomy: challenges and future prospects,” was attended by a number of civil society members as well as social activists.

Civil society members raised the slogan of “No more dams, no more cuts and water diversions on River Indus,” saying that all natural resources of a province, including sea ports, belong to the people of that province and the same should be utilised for their benefit.

The participants of the seminar observed that a “conspiracy” was being hatched to bring about demographic changes in Sindh. A resoultion presented resolved that successive military takeovers and the resultant hegemony of one province in the decision-making process has negated all promises made to the people of Sindh. It also asked the Centre to honour its commitments and agreements.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

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The Seminar was attended following political parties AJC (Host and Organizer of the seminar)

PPP, STP, BNP, SUP, PML N, Workers Party, Sindh Graduates Association (SGA)

Following speakers spoke on the occasion

Nisar Khuhro, Qaiser Bangali, Abrar Kazi, President Awami Jamhoori Council (AJC), Yousuf Masti Khan, General Secretary Workers Party of Pakistan, Ismail Raho, PML N

Khaliq Baloch, BNP, Ali Hassan Chandio, STP, Ghulam Shahm SUP, Mazhar Siddiqui, Former VC Sindh University

Dr. Suleman Shaikh, President Sindh Graduate Association (SGA), Nazir Leghari, Editor Awam, Noor Nabi Rahojo, General Secretary Awami Jamhoori Council (AJC). Adin Nazhir Qureshi, ACJ, Wishno Mal, AJC, KhadimTalpur, AJC

Hareef Khan Chandio, AJC


At the conclusion of the seminar, ‘democracy, provincial autonomy: challenges and future prospects’, organized by Awami Jahmhoori Council (AJC), the participants of the seminar resolved as under:

1. This house wishes to tell the people of Pakistan, and the world, that the people of Sindh are firm believers in the universality of democratic principles and they have, whenever given a chance, always rooted for democracy, justice, humanity and peace.

2. This house reiterates that Sindhis are a nation living in their home land for thousands of years. They had joined in a popular and democratic struggle to create Pakistan, in order to improve their social and economic lives, under a contract and understanding envisaged in the shape of Pakistan Resolution 1940, with a guarantee that in the new country their home land, Sindh, will be autonomous and sovereign.

3. That however, the successive military takeovers and the resultant hegemony of one province over the decision making process in the country has on the one hand, negated all promises made to the people of Sindh, in the original contract, the Pakistan Resolution 1940, and on the other hand caused the democratic process and rule of constitutionalism to be repeatedly derailed, resulting in enormous social, cultural and economic loss to the people of the province.

4. That this house is firmly convinced that to remove the threat to the nascent democratic process in the country from the customary quarters and its agencies, Article 39 of the constitution should be amended much as Article 38, making it mandatory upon the armed forces to become national in character by induction of officers and jawans from each province.

5. This house believes that under a well thought out conspiracy, demographic constitution of Sindh is being altered through economic and political migration by bringing in people from other provinces and countries.

This house demands that to counter such violation of democratic principles and international law, constitutional amendments be incorporated in the laws of domicile and voting rights, so that no outsider is given domicile or voting right in Sindh.

6. This house resolves that all natural resources located in a provinces’ geographic and legal boundaries, including sea ports, belong to the people of that province and should be utilized for their benefits.

7. that this house is of the opinion that terrorism and extremism, in all manifestations, like suicide bombings and target killings, is a conspiracy against democracy and democratic institutions. This house demands that all kinds of terrorists and extremists should be ruthlessly crushed by the state, assuring security of life and property of citizens of Pakistan.

8. This house demands from the Federal government to honour its commitments and agreements with provinces regarding distribution of the waters of Indus River System. The C-J and T-P link canals should be closed permanently and chairman Irsa be punished for violating the charter of Irsa

9. This house takes very painful exception to the ongoing military operation in Balochistan and considers it a dishonor to democracy and rule of constitutionalism and consensus, when so many persons are abducted by agencies and are declared as missing. This house demands that the missing persons must be recovered immediately and the agencies responsible for so much pain and misery be severely reprimanded.

(Abrar Kazi, President AJC, presided the Seminar, it was held in Karachi, Saturday, July 10, 2010, at Days Inn Hotel)

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists

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