Mir Murtaza Bhutto and Fatima Bhutto

mirandfatimaMir Murtaza Bhutto- Murtaza Bhtto,(Septembe 18, 1954- September 20, 1996) the elder son of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was a revolutionary. Bhutto campaigned as an independent in the 1993 elections, winning a seat in the assembly governing the Sindh province. In 1996, he accused police of unfairly targeting his organization. Several hours after the conference, he was shot and killed along with six supporters during an altercation with the police. Murtaza was killed by police in 1996 in Karachi, during the premiership of his sister, Benazir Bhutto.

Fatima Bhutto (born 29 May 1982) is a young poet, writer and columnist who came to fame after the appearance of her first book, a collection of poems, titled Whispers of the Desert. Fatima was only 15 years old when the collection was published. She is now a columnist for The News in Pakistan. She received notable coverage for her second book. Fatima is the daughter of the Shaheed Murtaza Bhutto. She is the grand-daughter of former Prime Minister, Z.A. Bhutto. Fatima is not known to be very active political worker.  She is however far more active as a political writer and spares no body in criticism. Fatima’s style of writing resembles that of “Arab News” jovial writer Jehad Khazin. Her writings reflect some Pan-Arabism , Liberalism and a lot of multi-directional political sides.

16 thoughts on “Mir Murtaza Bhutto and Fatima Bhutto”

  1. Hi friends/ viewers/ readers
    I’m Bhutto, member of PPP by birth till death, and real follower of Bhuttoism.
    Bhuttoism stands on equality.

    Sorry Mr. Bilawal you are not a owner of Party, Our founder said that the poor people, Labour & sincere workers are the owner of Party.
    You may be only caretaker.

    I’m worried about my party, after sacrify of Mohtarma its image/graph is going to down b/c of malevolent leaders of our party are busy to make their bank balance and moveable & imoveable properties.

    Now a days many lobbies are working in my party and specially some nearest friends of Zardari sahib’s are working for their tribes.

    ZARDARI Sahib; Announcements are not problem the compliance is problem.
    GILLANI Sahib; 100 days 100 lies.
    CM-Sindh; Where are 42000 jobs, (Distributed b/w 40 wanted thiefs of party).
    AYAZ Soomro Sahib; Are you MPA of PPP or Soomra Brothery.

    Our Bad Luck that Mohtarma is not between us.



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