This is Radio Conspiracy FM-70 … ))))

by Nadeem F. Paracha

Hello this is Radio Conspiracy FM-70 and I’m your host and RJ, Ali Azmat. Today in the studios we have with us Pakistan’s leading DJ and rock star from the band Conquering Israel, Ghalat Hussain, hello Ghalat …

Hello. You’re bleeding.

Yes, I am. Maria B. said the colour red goes well with my wild shining bald.

Who beat you up? The cops?

No, no, I beat myself up. A bleeding forehead looks very dramatic on TV.

But we’re not on TV.

We’re not?

No. We’re on radio.

Damn! Why wasn’t I told?

You’re crazy.

I am?


Gee, thanks. Okay, time for a song. Here’s a Peo TV jhankaar version of ‘Kill The Ahmedis.’ Yum. That’s my favourite. Just give me a minute to prepare.


Yes. (Bang! Bang! Bang!)

What the … ?? Why are you banging your head on the wall?? You’re bleeding again.

I want to look dramatic when you play that song.

But you’re on radio. Nobody can see you.

I’m on radio?


Damn! Why wasn’t I told?

You’re crazy.

Right. We already have a caller on line. Hello?


Who’s this?

Imran Khan.

Arrey, Imran bhai! How are you?


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