by: Dr. Javaid Laghari

Quaid-e-Awam Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto strode the national scene like a lion king. For the past four decades he towered over the nation’s politics. It is a measure of his greatness that today the politics of the country revolves round his name.

Shaheed Bhutto was an intellectual of the highest order. He was a thinker, author and orator. He was deliberate, discreet, and competent; honest, upright and keeper of his covenants. He was a principled friend to the poor, downtrodden and oppressed. He was a man of the people, fearless in his beliefs who refused to bow before any man or power other than the Almighty. His courage was such that he preferred to face death for his beliefs and embraced martyrdom. Core to his belief was his faith in freedom and the liberation of humanity.

He gave voice to the voiceless and power to the powerless of the country. He helped them shape their own destiny and the destiny of their country. As he trekked along the path, he illuminated it for generations to come.

He was a man of honor who gave honor and raised the honor of his country and his people. He was able to do this because the people of the country from the Khyber Pass to the shores of the Arabian Sea in Karachi loved him and supported him.

It is not easy to encompass his achievements. Whether it is the unanimous 1973 Constitution, which has protected the federation from implosion, or the nuclear programme, which has protected Pakistan from external aggression, or the crowning achievement of the holding of the Organization of Islamic Countries Summit in 1974 at Lahore , the stamp of Bhutto is largely written over it.

Shaheed Bhutto brought back 90,000 prisoners of war, prevented their war crime trails and also restored the territory lost on the battlefield. He laid the foundation for an enduring and honorable relationship with India on the basis of the Simla Agreement. He negotiated with the President of Afghanistan in the signing of the Durand line as a border between Afghanistan and Pakistan , but was overthrown before it was signed.

He spread knowledge by building colleges and universities, especially of professional studies. He opened the way for the middle classes to develop and prosper in the fields of medicine, engineering law and other specialist studies.

He was a brave and dauntless leader. With his charisma, his intelligence, his wisdom, his knowledge, and his compassion, he was in many ways an ideal man. Tested through fire, he never abandoned his ideals and belief in the freedom of humanity from tyranny. He was killed at the young age of fifty. He walked to the gallows rather than abandon the people. He shall live forever in the pages of history.

He who gave his blood, and the blood of his sons and daughter, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, knew that there can be no sacrifice greater than the sacrifice for the people whose respect, honor and dignity is the respect and dignity of the Nation.

Quaid-e-Awan made the people proud of themselves and their Nation. As his followers say, “Zinda Hai Bhutto, Zinda Hai” – Bhutto lives, he lives. Indeed he does, in the heart of all those who dream of a better tomorrow.

April 04, 2008


  1. “Zulfikar Ali Bhutto: A recognized Killer of Bengalese.”

    Crimes of Bhutto Family against their Homeland and Faith.
    Bhutto Grand Father.
    • Bhutto grand father was a killer of a man after killing that man he disguised himself as a Sikh and disappeared in Punjab.
    • Bhutto grand father appeared as a false witness in court against Mr. Baghat Singh who was a great freedom fighter and hero of subcontinent.
    Bhutto Father.
    • Mr. Shanawaz Bhutto acted as a traitor in 1947 against Nawab of Junagarh and Munader who has announced annexation with Pakistan while Mr. Shanawaz Bhutto helped India in occupying that state.
    Mr. Bhutto:
    Bhutto was a chronic alcoholic man(Diary of General Ayoub)and more over , her own daughter Benazir Bhutto has written in her book “Daughter of East” that he used to say that he drinks alcohol and do not drink the blood of people. While he was the main culprit throwing two nations of subcontinent India and Pakistan into bloody wars of 1965 and 1971, in which thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers were cold bloodedly murdered and injured and huge infrastructure of subcontinent was destroyed.

    Crisis of 1971:
    Politicians of two provinces of Pakistan, Sindh and Pukhtoon Khwa always had played a negative role in the life of Pakistan. In fact the largest genocide of 3.0 million people of Pakistan committed in 1971 in East Pakistan was planned by General Yahya Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. both were belonging from these two provinces. Moreover these two provinces are the main hub of disease of ethnic and hatred base provincial politics.

    Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the head of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) in 1971. In the general election of 1970, Bhutto won 88 seats in West Pakistan as opposed to Mujib’s 162 seats out of 169. As per the legislation Mujib was supposed to form the government of Pakistan. According to some Pakistani high officials sources, at first president Yahya was more inclined to hand power over to Mujib.
    But Bhutto opposed Yahya’s decision. Bhutto represented the influential feudal lords. Pakistani military-feudal axis vehemently opposed the transference of power. They were afraid that Mujib’s democratic policies may adversely affect the existing feudal system of West Pakistan and curb the power of the top civil and military bureaucrats. So their representative Bhutto invited Yahya in the notorious Larkana meeting and together two shrewd jackals conspired to repress the Bengalese with military means and retain the political power in the hands of the West Pakistanis. This theory is plausible because such a brilliant idea is more likely to emanate from the arch Machiavellian: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Yahya is more given to kill his fellow countrymen to show off his military prowess than formulate a brilliant idea to sort all the problems together: destroy Bangladesh; keep the power in the hands of Bhutto and him; make Niazi and the army the scapegoat of the war in order to divert the attention of the Pakistani people. Tajuddin Ahmed was right to think that Bhutto was the deux ex machina behind the political conspiracy leading to the devastation of Pakistan: “…..Bhutto is responsible for the unprecedented brutality unleashed nationwide. Seating with him is impossible. Tajuddin’s view on Bhutto as described by Rao Forman Ali.
    Bhutto manipulated the military monsters (Yahya, Tikka) to secure his power and maintain his vested interest in politics.
    Due to lust of power of Mr. Bhutto, Pakistani nation which was the best model in the history of mankind representing universal brother hood between two equal parts of population separated by a distance of thousand miles were separated, it took few months in separation of these two parts, but in future for very long time no country of the world will be able to present such model of Human brotherhood on the map of the world.

    All through his political career Bhutto thrived on conspiracy and intrigues. As often the fate of such treacherous politicians is to end up in the hands of the partners in crime, Bhutto was justified to be hanged by his own Frankenstein: General Zia-ul Huq in a murder case registered by one of his own party member Mr. Ahmed Raza Kasuri against killing of his father Nawab Muhammad Khan by Bhutto with the help of government security official, because Mr. Kasuri being an elected member of parliament visited Dhaka for participation in the proceedings of National Assembly while Bhutto was threatening to members of National Assembly that he will break the legs of those members who will go to Dhaka for participation in assembly proceeding. Its mean this chronic alcoholic Bhutto for lust of power has already decided to break each and every relation with East Pakistan. So about 16 attempts were made by Bhutto to kill Mr.Kasuri and in one attempt his father was killed.
    Now present criminal rulers are trying to hide their crimes by NRO and by taking the advantage of their rule on country, why they have not made such reference in courts when they were not in the power. All members of PPP including MR. Gillani, Mr. Zardari and Babar Awan are gang of criminals always hiding their crimes by deception and tactics which they are facing in courts of law from Peshawar to Paris.
    Biased Lawyers of Bhutto.
    Like Mr. Bhutto and Mr. Zardari Biased Lawyers of Bhutto and PPP, are showing naked immoral character, and even are not sparring noble and respectable Judges of courts and even victimizing and showing no mercy for family of deceased Mr. Nawab M.Khan, and are busy in rubbing salt and spices on their wounds and painful memories and in their view being Prime Minister and Political leader Bhutto was having right to kill innocent people extra judicially and he should be given no punishment even when allegation of murder was made by his own party member in the era of his own selected chief of army staff ,in the presence of witness and evidence of his own government officials.
    These biased lawyers for making money are trying to sow the seeds of biased provincialism,
    These biased lawyers do not saw the biased provincialism of Mr. Bhutto belonging from Sindh who along with General Ayoub belonging from Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa sold the three rivers of Punjab to India.
    These biased lawyers do not saw the biased provincialism of Mr. Bhutto belonging from Sind who along with General Ayoub belonging from Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa handed over the 750 square kilometer area of Kashmir to China.
    These biased lawyers do not saw the biased provincialism of Mr. Bhutto belonging from Sind who along with General Yahya belonging from Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa started military Operation and genocide in East Pakistan and killed three millions people there and throw away ten million people as refugees towards India without consulting any leader or intellectual from larger provinces of Punjab and East Pakistan.
    These biased lawyers do not saw the biased provincialism of Mr. Bhutto belonging from Sind who along with General Yahya belonging from Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa conspired to award death sentence to Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehamn from military court in 1970 who was the sole elected leader of Majority and largest province of East Pakistan,
    These biased lawyers do not saw the biased provincialism of Mr. Bhutto belonging from Sind who killed the father of Mr.Ahmed Raza Kasuri belonging from second largest province Punjab because he visited Dhaka in spite of the threat of Bhutto that he will break the legs of those who will visit Dhaka for participation in session of national assembly which was the symbol of unity of Pakistan.
    These biased lawyers do not see the biased provincialism of Mr. Zardari belonging from Sind who is killing extra judicially the innocent religious people of FATA.
    These biased lawyers do not see the biased provincialism of Mr. Zardari and his ministers and MQM belonging from Sind are busy in target killing of innocent people of Karachi.
    These biased lawyers do not see the biased provincialism of Mr. Zardari and his ministers and MQM belonging from Sind who are busy in extortion and victimization of innocent people from ethnic minorities in Karachi and Sindh.
    These biased lawyers do not see the biased provincialism of Mr. Zardari and his ministers and MQM belonging from Sind who are busy in imposing culture of 17% ethnic population of Sind on remaining 80% population of Pakistan.
    These biased lawyers do not see the biased provincialism of Mr. Zardari and his partner parties PPP,MQM and ANP who are busy in spreading disease of provincialism, ethnocentrism and hatred in Pakistan so that they can obtain votes easily by this easy technique, otherwise these corrupted and polluted criminals of humanity do not have any moral or ethical values and merits .
    There is need to start criminal investigation against Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for genocide of Bengalese and crimes against humanity by United Nations and for compensation of all those killed by Bhutto, , Specially in East Pakistan in past, and Specially victim Mr. Ahmed Raza Kasuri should be compensated for murder of his father by Bhutto and family of Mr. Zahoorul Hassan Bhopali murdered in Karachi by terrorist of Murtaza Bhutto who was also awarded by Benazir Bhutto should also be compensated from property of Mr. Bhutto, and case of hijacking of PIA aeroplane should also be started to penalize the criminal Bhutto family and criminal gang of Peoples Party and at present killing of innocent religious people of FATA by corrupted Zardari using government security forces and resources.

    Written by M.AKRAM KHAN.

    1. You need to get a life, or a book maybe. I have sympathy for minds like you who know nill about history and are confident enough to spread lies all around them. May God take care of your disease. At first when i was reading your comment, I thought I will reply to this once I finish reading it. But by the time I reached the end, I came across 1000 weird and senseless things, so decided not to waste time on someone who has no knowledge about history whatsoever. Take care brother.

  2. just i will say this after martyr the “GREAT LEADER ZULIFKAR

    ALI BHUTTO” in this world no man can be like Bhutto.

    I love and like bhutto


  3. I am porud to see the Indus Journal and also to see our National Heros and Culture.
    AR Keerio From Sakrand Sindh

  4. The great leader of pakistan shaheed “ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO” is the second founder of Pakistan.He fulfilled all dreams of the founder of Pakistan “Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah”.INSHAALLAH!after completing my education i want to take a part in politics and INSHAALLAH i will fulfill the dream of shaheed Zulfiqar ali bhutto. “JAB TAK SURAJ,CHAND RAHEGA BHUTTO TERA NAAM RAHEGA” JIYE BHUTTO,JIYE SINDH,JIYE PAKISTAN.”PAKISTAN ZINDABAD”.

  5. my jaan bhutto meri maa banizir meri roooh mir murtiza meri saans shahnawaz bhutto sun lo munkiro jis k dil me bhuuto woh bhutto i luv bhutto zinda hai bhutto zinda hai bhutto

  6. Dear Sir,

    Very well said. This is one of the best descriptive writings I have ever come across on my ideal, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

    Musavir Gajani
    SZABIST Karachi

  7. Yes Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was infact the true leader and creater of Pakistan that we have today.
    Even he is not present but he is still alive in every patriotic knowledgable person who has love for pakistan.
    Her daughter has his qualities. Both served their lives for this nation may allah rest their souls in peace.

  8. Respected Writer,

    just i will say this after martyr the “GREAT LEADER ZULIFKAR

    ALI BHUTTO” in this world no man can be like Bhutto.

    I love and like bhutto.

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