By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

The media means source of Information, Knowledge, awareness, enlightenment and illumination. The media consists today of (i)newspapers (ii)Radio (iii)T.V channels and Journalism (iv)internet (v)Mobiles (vi)other source of information technology. It is the best source of getting information or a breasting of new developments or events being occurred or happened in every sphere of life throughout the globe.

It can easily be termed that today’s world has changed into a global village. One feels today that one is not living in a far remote area of the world but one has been inseparable or indomitable part of the world.Through mobiles, telephones, internet connections or T.V channels, one can get oneself informed of all events of the world. So, we can say that the world has been closer and it can be used as hometown and best source of getting more facilities to raise our moral, social, economic, political, religious acumen ship and awareness. Ideas can be sent to far flung parts of the world and solutions of our problems can be obtained within no time from such remotest areas or places of the world. In this way, from the virtuous side of media, it provides multifarious benefits to humankind but too much media has been responsible for creating immorality of character and behavior towards the way of living and career of the new generation. The media has caused harmful results for those who misuse it like on TV channels many programs are produced about pornography, love and characterless exchange of dialogues between couples and multi-couples.

On internet also, many adverse things are recorded and made available so at any time, one can use them and make one`s mind criminal because after viewing such programs and nude pictures, he or she tries to perform those adverse activities and become the target of ill doings which make the human being irregular. If any body has free use of such material, they do not sleep well and become irregular and in their jobs which ruin their peace of mind and also life career in their very youth, and immature stage of lives. So, it is a well-known fact that there are two sides of every activity one virtue and second vice or evil.

Virtue makes the man perfect and prosperous but evil is the source of many mishaps and hardships in this and also the world to come. Therefore Virtue is luck and peace but evil is misfortune and upheaval for the human being.

Now, to make good use of God given facilities to humankind, we make all the sources of media useful for our fortunes, peace of mind, characters and upgraded national stature. For this purpose, we as elders of the future generations or posterity, follow the following suggestions otherwise if character is lost, we shall lose every thing:

(1)Proper and useful arrangement of guidance may be made in every village and town to guide and instruct our new generation about the available media and they should be informed of the hazards and harms of the misuse of the resources.

(2)No boy or girl in the house may be allowed in their bedrooms any computer or T.V, mobile etc.

(3)No mobiles may be provided to school and college going boys and girls.

(4)parents should be more careful and watchful for the usage of such material with the boys and girls and they should warn their children for the misuse of such material.

(5)In schools and colleges, such instructions in their classes may be provided to them etc.

June 23, 2010

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