Translation of Sindhi poet Aasi Mehmood Zamini [Sindhi to English]

Translation by Hisam Memon

Come down

For a while today!

Speak thee

And let me speak!

Come down

For a while

Do watch the world,

Engineered by you!

Some are inferior/poor

Some are superior/rich

Who belong to you?

Do mark them!

Wrinkled is the veil,

Torn shirt she puts on,

The naked she looks,

Who daughter is that girl?

She begs before stranger men,

Offer alms to your people!

Without breakfast

And bare-footed,

She ploughs

In the scorching beam,

Unbuttered pieces of meal,

She takes with spoilt molasses

Come down to taste it

A single time!

AASI’ was bestowed with insight

That utters the truth and tormented for,

“Why I am called atheist then”

Come to get [insight] it back!

Same poem in Sindhi

آءُ گهڙي کن

هيٺ لهي آءُ

مونکي هڪڙي ڳالهه ڏسي وڃ

منهنجي هڪڙي

ڳالهه ٻڌي وڃ!

آءُ گهڙي کن هيٺ لهي آءُ

پنهجو جوڙيل

ڏيهه ُ ڏسي وڃ!

هڪڙ ا ماڻهو ننڍا ماڻهو

هڪڙ ا ماڻهو وڏا ماڻهو!

ڪهڙ ا ماڻهو،

تنهنجا ماڻهو،

پنهنجن تي نيشان هڻي وڃ!

ليڙون لوئي،

ڦاٽل چولو،

انگ اگهاڙي ڪنهنجي نياڻي،

غيرن آڏو جهول جهلي آ،

پنهنجن کي خيرات ڏئي وڃ!

نيراني ۽ پير اگهاڙي،

نٽهڻ اُسَ ۾ هَر هلائي،

ڪاري ڳڙ سان،

سُڪل ڀورا ،

هڪڙو ويلو تون به چکي وڃ!

آسيءَ کي جا ڏات ڏني تو

سائي ڪڇي ٿي،

سائي لڇي ٿي،

پوءِ ڇو دهريو ڪافر سڏجان،

مونکان پنهنجي ڏات وٺي وڃ!

(آسي زميني ــ ڪتاب ”مڃتا جي رڃ ۾“ آزاد نظم)

5 thoughts on “Translation of Sindhi poet Aasi Mehmood Zamini [Sindhi to English]”

  1. what a nice poetry with nice poet!
    Ao Ghari Khan Haith Lahi Aao!
    I like it…!

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