Karelo or Karela (Bitter melon)

Many modern medicines are made from plant derived substances and as we know that plants/vegetables/ herbals have few side effects as compare to modern medicine. Bitter melon is a vegetable that may help to normalize high blood sugar levels. It also has a tendency to cut the inflammation in the body and the risk of cancer. It has It has very powerful properties of detoxification of liver.

Who is David Headley? —Naeem Tahir

Daily Times

[Excerpt] …He was in contact with jihadi networks as well. He was booked for his involvement in the Denmark terror plan but escaped the death sentence, once again by the ‘plea bargain’ strategy. By then, he was totally in the hands of the secret agencies.

He was the major facilitator in the Mumbai attack. He provided maps, photographs, even GPS systems to the attackers. He visited Pakistan, Afghanistan and India several times. How were his trips funded? Did he use his half brother Danyal Gilani, the PRO to the prime minister, in any way? Was the CIA, FBI, IB or some other agency involved in planning the Mumbai carnage? Did they suppress the information for covert motives and let the attack happen? Such questions need answers.

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