PAC Chairman Nisar Ali Khan sitting on inquiry report against the four generals for six months

Luxury cars rendering ‘defense services’

NLC bigwigs imported seven Land Cruisers twisting rules. PAC Chairman Nisar Ali Khan sitting on inquiry report against the four generals for six months

The NLC bosses are already facing Rs 4 billion mega financial scam.

by Rauf Klasra

View Point Online

ISLAMABAD: Top guns at GHQ-run National Logistic Cell (NLC) have been caught committing a fraud costing the Government of Pakistan and country’s taxpayers millions of rupees. Quietly under the pretext of ‘‘Defense Services,” some NLC bigwigs imported seven duty-free luxury 3000cc Toyota Land Cruisers worth over Rs10 million. These vehicles were imported for personal use in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. However, even when caught red handed, all powerful military elite involved in the scam has been let off the hook.

The official documents available with this correspondent reveal that these luxury Land Cruisers are now used by some of the junior NLC officials. Under the rules, these junior officials were not even authorized to travel by 3000cc vehicles. Interestingly, even a federal minister is not permitted to use an official car with an engine sized over 1600cc. But the uniformed NLC officials have been using 3000cc cars, imported without paying a penny to the national exchequer as tax otherwise levied on Pakistani citizens for importing luxury cars.

The NLC bosses are already facing Rs 4 billion mega financial scam. Reportedly funds worth Rs 4 billion were invested in country’s volatile stock markets in defiance of the orders, passed by the then prime minister Shaukat Aziz, stating not to invest in stocks as it was not their area of expertise to throw money in such unpredictable business. Even recently appointed Director General NLC, Major General Junaid, made a confession before the Public Accounts Committee the other day that “several wrong decisions” were made by his predecessors in the past in fact played havoc with NLC’s financial health. The inquiry report into the scam involving four top military generals—three lieutenant generals and one major general—at the helm of NLC from 2003-2004 to 2007-2008, is presently lying with the office of Chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Ch. Nisar Ali Khan. The PAC chairman has not yet initiated any action on the basis of this report despite a lapse of six months. Nisar Ali Khan, known as more-talk-less-action kind of person, is under pressure from his own committee colleagues to make the secret inquiry report public ever since the media have targeted Nisar Ali Khan for sitting on the inquiry report against the four military generals for the last six months.

Meanwhile, the official documents show that the scam about importing seven duty free vehicles by NLC bosses, surfaced when recently the annual audit of NLC accounts was conducted. During the audit, it was revealed that under the standard official procedures, the NLC officers, except the Director General, were authorized vehicles up to 1600cc. But in clear violation of these rules, it was disclosed that certain NLC officers were allocated Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (3000cc) for their use. The audit team brought this huge irregularity to the notice of the top NLC management. The audit team could not see a reason for junior officers using 3000cc Prados. To the surprise of the audit team, the top NLC guns came out with preposterous excuses justifying the misuse of Prado 3000cc luxury vehicles by junior officers otherwise not entitled for their use. The NLC management replied to the shocked auditors that actually NLC had started a reform project for education and health sectors and the area of operation was spread all over the Punjab province where certain far flung places and remote areas were not easily accessible. Another justification for the use of 3000cc cars by senior executive officers was to exercise effective control and supervision of these projects. In practice, these luxury cars were under use in Rawalpindi-Islamabad or during merry making trips to certain hilly stations. In a country like Pakistan, such excuses are often provided to justify the illegal actions by the authoritative elite. Hence, the audit team unsurprisingly was not satisfied with such implausible justifications.

As the audit team further probed the matter, it was revealed that the NLC had actually cheated the Government of Pakistan when it had shown the import of these luxury vehicles as part of “defense services” which definitely was not the case. How luxury cars imported in the name of education and health could project (even if one tends to agree with the NLC’s viewpoint), be declared part of “defense services”? The Customs department was sent a certificate by the NLC officials which read: “These stores were imported by central government for Defense Services and will be paid out of Defense Budget which is exempted custom duty and sales tax”.

When the matter landed in the Public Accounts Committee last Monday, even the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) that usually prefers to show zero tolerance for any reported misuse of such luxury vehicles by civil officials and recommends heavy fines. However, the AGP was found meekly asking the PAC members to merely seek an explanation from the NLC management. The AGP did not demand recovery of Rs. 10million in addition to payment of duty payable on these luxury cars and disciplinary action against those who committed a daylight fraud. One official commented: ‘‘Even the AGP office knows perfectly well as how to ‘behave’ when it comes to dealing with the military men caught red handed cheating the government by duty free import of luxury vehicles in the name of defense service’’.


2 thoughts on “PAC Chairman Nisar Ali Khan sitting on inquiry report against the four generals for six months”


    Subject : Request for Audit from 2008 to tilldate

    We employee of Liaquat university of Medical & health sciences (LUMHS) Jamshoro sindh submitted that:

    For improving efficiency and sustainability of the institution the accountability and auditing system should be incorporated in a proper & real manner for Serving the nation by promoting accountability, transparency use of public resources. But it is very surprising that proper auditing has not been done from last 3 years in Liaquat university of Medical & health sciences (LUMHS) jamshoro sindh due to that there are very serious Financial irregularities, misusing of funds, releases of fake& bogus payments has been found in LUMHS Jamshoro Sindh. The Local Audit& Accounts officials are also involve in corruption by getting handsome amount on monthly basis as bribe.

    The details of irregularities are as under:

    Every month more than Rs.60.o Millions are being paid as a bogus and fake payments to different contractors specially Ms M Ismaeel& co of civil works in shape of A-1 Bills(Quotations) prepared and passed by Project Director Engineer Jawed Iqbal Memon for repair work of water supply, repair work of hostels & other buildings etc , these can easily be checked by verification of bills , vouchers etc in accounts section in office of Director Finance LUMHS Jamshoro.

    PD awarded more than 20 schemes to Ms & co without any transparent procedure of tendering/ competition. As Ms & co is not approved contractor from Pakistan Engineering Council, he has no any Professional Engineer or any permanent Technical staff and not Proper Tax payer instead of that he has awarded more than 10 schemes amounting Rs. 200 Million. Actually Ms is Front man of P.D, JI and 50 % share holder.

    There are seven (07) schemes of Immediate Restoration PC-1 of Boys & Girls hostels amounting Rs 201 Million. all schemes contain repair works of Hostels named as AL-Beruni Hostel , Al- Nafees hostel, Al-Razi Hostel, Al-Tibiri Hostel, Al Ghazali Hostel, Ibne- Seena Hostel and Razia Ansari Hostel. In these Schemes PD Change the scope of work and BOQ Items No 38, No 39, No 40 and No 41 vide page-p-74, p-85, p-97, p- 105, p-125 and p-149 of PC-1 , the approximate cost of these BOQ items is Rs 102 Million which is more than 45 % of scope of work. In this way PD change more than 45 % of scope of work without approval from competent Authority which is serious violation of guide lines and rules of Planning Commission , Pakistan Engineering council and PPRA rules. The main object of change of scope of work was only facilitate to contractors and give illegal / out of way benefits to the contractor specially & co.

    External water supply system:

    As per PC-1 total estimated Cost of External water supply system is Rs 50.0 Million in which BOQ item No 1 Supply and Fixing of new Mild steel Ms pipe 12inch dia is amounting Rs. 8,718,000/= ( Annex-D attached ) while PD Jawed Iqbal Memon allowed second hand reconditioned old Ms pipe instead of new pipe and made payment to contractor Ms Allouddin & co more than Rs 18,000,000/= and he has committed a big corruption & crime because he is 50 % share holder. PD Jawed Iqbal Memon also made payment of Rs 3600,000 for 03 three numbers generators but at site only one number generator is available in this way he has made extra fake payment of Rs. 2400,000 to contractor Ms Allouddin and co as a extra payment because he is share holder.

    External Drainage & Sewerage Disposal work:

    As per PC-1 total estimated Cost of External Drainage & Sewerage Disposal work is Rs 23.0 Million but Physically PD has carried out only 50 % work he has not carried out De-silting a main drainage pipe line , de-silting of main sumps, Replacement of broken drainage lines etc in this way PD made fake payment to the contractor more than Rs 15 Million.

    Road system of Old Campus :

    · He has awarded contracts of roads of Rs 89.31 millions against the PC-1 Immediate restoration of Rain affected old campus LUMHS Jamshoro. There is no any proper Technical approval, rates not approved, comparative statement not signed by all tender committee members and at s# 3 of Pc-1 he has constructed single road from main campus to laundry chowk of amounting Rs 26.44 Millions while as per Pc-1 this has been sanctioned as dual carriage . In this way he has made corruption of Rs 12. 22 Millions. The material used in road is sub standard and undersize which can be checked by digging pits at different locations.
    Master Mind Techniques of Corruption:

    PD is mastermind of corruption He has made payment of same repair work through different head of payment very technically i-e through AM& R Head of LUMHS, Self finance Head , through A-1 Bills ( Quotations) and through PC-1 of immediate Restoration and through PC-1 of Strengthenning & Rehabilitation Programs of LUMHS Jamshoro . In this way he has committed a big crime and made corruption of more than Rs. 20 Millions. These allegations can easily be proved through checking & verification of Passed and Paid bills of contractors during last three (03) years i-e from 2008 to till-date from account section of Director Finance Liaquat University of Medical & Health science Jamshoro Sindh . In this whole game his front man contractors are Ms and Ms etc.

    · He has awarded a contract & issued work order of Rs. 18. 954 Millions for community medicines department of old campus while Admn Approval of this work in PC-1 is only Rs 9.59 Million in this way he committed a serious crime and violation of rules
    He has awarded & a issued work order of Rs. 7. 845 Millions for Post Graduate centre at old campus but Admn Approval of this work in PC-1 is only Rs 4. 980 Million which a serious violation of rules.

    He has awarded & a issued work order of Rs. 11. 173 Millions for Central Library at old campus but Admn Approval of this work in PC-1 is only Rs 9. 840 Million which also illegal act.

    He has issued a work order of Rs. 17.481 Millions for Ghazali Boys Hostel at old campus but Admn Approval of this work in PC-1 is only Rs 12. 890 Million . In this work the funds allocated for repair work in PC-1 , but P.D started new construction instead of repair work and also change the location of building without getting approval from competent authority which also serious violation of guide lines of Planning commission of Pakistan.

    Keeping in view the above Financial & technical irregularities & corruptions made by PD of LUMHS Jamshoro Sindh , We requested to your good self Please Strictly Direct Auditor General of Pakistan to Hold a Special Audit From 2008 to till date and take immediate action against King Of Corruptions PD of LUMHS Jamshoro and his Co- mafia Ms and Ms contractors etc and recover the Huge public money from above named corrupt Culprits and sent them behind the bars and save the educational Institute from Corruption.

    Yours truly,
    Abdullah Baloach
    Saeed memon
    Zakir khan
    Shahid solangi
    Sheraz memon
    Ghullam Qadir Pathan
    Shafi Muhammad sheikh

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