Dams must be dismantled

By: Prof. Gul Agha

Dams have allowed the powerful and corrupt elite to create new lands upstream and rob the poor people downstream.

Dams have blocked 90% of silt flow, destroyed forest in the flood plains and turned Sindh into desert Sindh. The river brings not only water but rich soil — just as important for agriculture and to protect the sea water from encroaching.

All dams must be dismantled — the advanced countries are all dismantling dams. Water conservation is essential, therefore, the best storage is small lakes built downstream.


5 thoughts on “Dams must be dismantled”

  1. ..several actions have been misinterpreted .they say Kalabagh dam shall desertify sindh …now i fear my sindh’s death…water is sindh’s lifeline…but in 5 years time it shall be suffocated! and the rest blame punjab for Sindh’s water ills when infact it is india trying to desertify Sindh and all of Pakistan by stopping water-flow from above.They tend to ignore that fact… and …they are munafiq!

  2. Its another Indian theme being played by their agents.

    Why the hell then India is building dam after dam.

    Sindhi will weep for not building Kalabagh Dam, Mush said and I agree with him.

    I blame Zia, BB, NS and Mush for not building Kalabagh Dam and we are paying so much electric bills.

    Soon Sindhi will not get a drop of water from Sindh as India is preparing a Tunnel from River Indus to Ganges by spending billions of dollars. Surprisingly, no nationalist Sindhi is speaking against this injustice.

  3. Enough is enough … Sixty years of Injustice and atrocities must come to an End

  4. Dear Aga
    You are right. Natural flows of river is the best way to keep all things in natural way. Although so called development strategies being follwed in our country would creat an environment. keep it

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