Kalabagh dam or Kala Naang dam!?

By: Khalid Hashmani

I suspect that this new re-packaging of Kala Bagh dam may be another drama of  foes of Pakistan . The purpose may be to simply re-direct attention away from other issues and/or scoring points.  Nevertheless, the issue of the Kala Bag dam is of such a paramount importance to Sindh that we cannot afford to ignore any thing related to this Kala Nang dam, whose consequence would simply be to end of the country. ….

Foes of Pakistan are bent upon retaining the power and bringing back the subject of Kala Bagh dam will do nothing but galvanize people of Sindh, Pakhtoonkhwah,  and Baluchistan to aggressively oppose it. I also believe that most people of Punjab (except few thousand civilian and military landowners, who will be the primary beneficiary of Kala Bagh dam) consider the Kala Bagh dam to be a divisive issue that is taking a brutal toll of harmony and unity in the country.

In the context of the new information, I do not think Sindhis would give any credence to figures such as  ownership. They know that none (repeat “none”) of the fundamental commitments made in writing have even been delivered. Sindh has rarely received its due share from the Indus River that is committed in written agreements. Other example of such disregard for written agreements include non-adherence to 1940 Pakistan resolution, the present constitution, and restoration of the provincial rights by abolishing concurrent list. If anything, I suspect, Sindh will be held responsible for paying 40% of the huge loans that would be required to build Kala Bagh dam, which will bring death and destruction to Sindh — a classic case of double jeopardy for Sindh. The reality of unfair meagreness of royalties from natural resources such as oil, gas, and coal to Sindh and Baluchistan is known to every one. In spite of the immense natural resources, the rural areas of Sindh and Baluchistan continue to suffer highest poverty. Although, at times, Sindhis do not watch out for their interest very well, I doubt that we are so obtuse to fall for this re-packaging. It will be like purchasing Brooklyn Bridge from a con man.

One thought on “Kalabagh dam or Kala Naang dam!?”

  1. – Three out of four Provincial Assemblies have passed about 10 resolutions against construction of Kalabagh dam (KBD) in Punjab.

    – Punjab is giving impression that three out of four provinces viz. Sindh, Balochistan and KP by opposing Kalabagh dam in Punjab, are real enemies of Pakistan is totally wrong and unacceptable. At the same time, Punjab giving impression that only Punjab is well-wisher of three provinces and people of three provinces are enemies of their own, is wrong. This thinking must be abandoned immediately as we have not learnt lesson from separation of East Pakistan (56% population)

    In the past, Punjab compelled “majority” (56% population) to get independence from “minority”. The only example in the sovereign states in the world.

    Now a gang of people belonging to Punjab are bent upon to prove the people of three provinces out of four are “Traitors”. What a shame.

    Bhasha dam is already under construction whereas Munda dam with double capacity of KBD is also to start construction work soon.

    Therefore, there is no need to build KBD as it would only control and reduce the water of Sindh.

    In Sindh, sixth largest Indus delta in the world is on verge of unnatural death due to non-implementation of water Accord – 1991 by Punjab after passing 19 years of signing it and Punjab not allowing to release 10 MAF water downstream Kotri to save Indus delta and people 2.7 million living in areas between Kotri and Arabian Sea. They are Pakistani and Muslims. What happened if they are not Punjabis?

    Flood water is not stored in dams. Plz see interview of Fatehullah Gandapur, ex-IRSA chairman (1993-1998) to daily Times (Aug 12, 2010) while denying the claim of PM Gillani (belonging to Punjab) that KBD was not designed as flood control project.

    – Why super floods are creating havoc in USA, Europe and Asia despite having dams? Please think it again and again

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