AJP continues to grow in Sanghar district

Sanghar : Four member committee of Awami Jamhoori Party (AJP) visited Sanghar district from June 12 to 14, three days. Sangahr is one of the backward districts of southern Sindh, bordering India.

The visit was part of introductory meetings of our newly launched political party Awami Jamhoori Party (AJP). Ahmad Mushtaque was accompanied by Ali Sher Wasan, District President of AJP, Wafa Sindhi and Bahadur Rind, two activists of area.

During the visit we held 7 different programs which include Lectures, discussions, meetings, and debates. We were able to open up to three new party unites in following areas: Shahdadpur city, Birayani (Jam Nawaz Ali) and Khipro city and held two different meetings in Sanghar city, two lecture programs in Shahpur Chakar, one was specially for our women activists, hosted by Adi Shabnam Chandio at her Residence in Shahpur Chakar.

Sanghar was very hot, roads of major cities and towns were in worst shape. Did not see a single new road in the whole district. Shahdad pur, the largest city of the district, was the worst, big holes in the road. Local government over there associated with PML-F, did nothing for building new roads.

College and girls school in Khipro were giving look of abandoned buildings, boundary walls were nonexistent, no green parks inside the huge open ground in front of colleague building, not even trees.

On way to Khipro from Sanghar city, the distance is hardly 65 km, normally it should not take more than hour but road is bad that it takes close to two hours. However both sides of the road, saw lush green standing crops, especially cotton crop was beautiful and dense. But the mud-houses, with electricity on both sides of road reminded of the scenes of Discovery tv as if we were traveling into African continent.

Khipro has has Hindu Majority, mostly Bhels, Kolhis, Manghwars and Maheshwaris.

Pir Pagaro’s PML F dominates politics for last 60 years, even PPP could not dent this strong hold of Pir Pagaro.

City does not have natural gas thus no CNG fuel stations. It is the most neglected city of more than hundred thousand people.

Sindhi Nationalist parties come there occasionally for doing programs, they come and go away. Not a single nationalist party has a strong and even visible presence.

For political work this is kind of virgin area. Some NGOs are present there. This is last Taluka (sub-district) of Sanghar district bordering India.

In order to catch government attention, local people could be mobilized, though there was an element of fear from the dominant politicians, but youngsters seemed to be courageous and angry at state of affairs.

Similarly in Shahdadpur, local mobilization could bring some development to the city. Local issues could give strong base for further politicization of people in this district.

What is needed, pro-active, eloquent, articulated and competent local leadership. We have to build this; that should be the goal and target.

June 16, 2010

via – Ahmad Mushtaque

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