Kalabagh: Development or Disaster


Sindh Water Committee and Anti–Greater Thal Canal Committee, Hyderabad

Courtesy: Daily Dawn

THIS refers to Engr Mazhar Ali’s article ‘Kalabagh dam: development or disaster’ (April 29) in which he has spoken about the merits of constructing new dams on the River Indus. In the footnote he has been described as a member of the Technical Committee on Water Resources (TCWR). But unless there was a printing error in the report (Dawn, Dec 27, 2005), the committee member was Dr Iqbal Ali.

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Kalabagh dam or Kala Naang dam!?

By: Khalid Hashmani

I suspect that this new re-packaging of Kala Bagh dam may be another drama of  foes of Pakistan . The purpose may be to simply re-direct attention away from other issues and/or scoring points.  Nevertheless, the issue of the Kala Bag dam is of such a paramount importance to Sindh that we cannot afford to ignore any thing related to this Kala Nang dam, whose consequence would simply be to end of the country. ….

Foes of Pakistan are bent upon retaining the power and bringing back the subject of Kala Bagh dam will do nothing but galvanize people of Sindh, Pakhtoonkhwah,  and Baluchistan to aggressively oppose it. I also believe that most people of Punjab (except few thousand civilian and military landowners, who will be the primary beneficiary of Kala Bagh dam) consider the Kala Bagh dam to be a divisive issue that is taking a brutal toll of harmony and unity in the country.

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Dam deconstruction!!

The Theodosia River diversion dam will be the first dam in Canada decommissioned to restore fish habitat

A DECISION to decommission a British Columbia dam has observers wondering when – not if – other hydroelectric installations in Canada will be dismantled to give free flowing rivers for fish and ecology of the earth.

The Theodosia River diversion dam, about 140 kilometers northwest of Vancouver, will be the first major dam in Canada decommissioned to restore for fish natural habitat, says Mark Angelo, spokesperson for the Save the Thdosia Coalition and rivers chair of the Outdoor Recreation Council of British Coumbia.

The fact that we are willing to look at taking out dams that have outlived their usefulness sets an important precedent in Canada, says Angelo.

Theodosia dam is the first, but I am sure it won’t be last. The Save the Thoeodosia Coalition is the lone Canadian member organization of the International Rivers Network, which is promoting local and global efforts to decommission/ demolish dams and revive rivers.

The Theodosia River supported annual runs of more than 150,000 salmon before a diversion dam, built-in 1955, redirected 80 percent of the river’s flow.

The decision to remove the dam was made in February 2000 by the B.C. government.


Punjab govt gave Rs82m to JD: papers

Rana Sanaullah said the purpose of giving this grant was to continue the welfare services provided by the organisation’s sc hools, dispensaries and hospitals.

LAHORE: The Punjab government gave more than Rs82 million to the Jamatud Dawa (JD) during the outgoing financial year, according to the budget documents for 2010-11.

The supplementary budget for the outgoing fiscal presented before the provincial assembly for its approval reveals that the provincial government gave a grant of Rs79 million to the Markaz-i-Tayyaba, the JD headquarters in Muridke.

Another sum of Rs3 million was given as grants to the schools run by the JD in the different districts of Punjab, according to the supplementary budget 2009-10.


Enemies of Pakistan Still Itching to Build the Controversial Kalabagh Dam

Enemies of Sindh Still Itching to Build the Kalabagh Dam

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

Now that 18th amendment is place and the federal legislature can void any provincial laws even those that cover the jurisdiction of provincial government, several enemies of Sindh are merging together to re-create the menace of the Kalabagh dam. The short article below from one of the most unpatriotic web sites that wants to destroy Pakistan by pursuing centralist agenda an usurpation of provincial autonomy should serve a wake-up call for Sindhis.

The PPP leaders must realize that they better resist from falling into trap by taking a neutral stand on the Kalabagh dam.

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AJP continues to grow in Sanghar district

Sanghar : Four member committee of Awami Jamhoori Party (AJP) visited Sanghar district from June 12 to 14, three days. Sangahr is one of the backward districts of southern Sindh, bordering India.

The visit was part of introductory meetings of our newly launched political party Awami Jamhoori Party (AJP). Ahmad Mushtaque was accompanied by Ali Sher Wasan, District President of AJP, Wafa Sindhi and Bahadur Rind, two activists of area.

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The Common Bases for Hindu-Muslim Dialogue

by Maulana Waris Mazhari

(Translated from Urdu by Yoginder Sikand)

The first step in the quest for inter-community dialogue is the search for common ground. Religious and cultural differences divide Hindus and Muslims from each other. This diversity need not necessarily be seen as intimidating, however. In fact, the Quran explains that diversity is natural. The Quran instructs us thus:

‘If God so willed, He could make you all one people’ (16:93).

Commenting on the above-quoted Quranic verse, the noted Islamic scholar Imam Razi writes in his Tafsir-e Kabirthat this refers to the fact of diversity of religions and customs among human beings.

Nature desires diversity, not uniformity. That is why we should aim not at eliminating these differences but, rather, to tolerate them in accordance with the demands of Nature.

Man is a social animal. It is ingrained in his nature to seek to live in peace with others. That is why there are no two communities in the entire world that have nothing in common between them. It was for the common purpose of protection, peace and justice that the Prophet entered into a treaty or pact with the Jews of Medina. This is an instance of practical inter-community dialogue based on common values and concerns.

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