The Tragedy with the ORIGINAL owners of Sindh

The Tragedy of Sindh!!!

On the Globe of this earth, Sindh is the territory with the rich culture, identity, and language but after the partition of subcontinent, it is discriminated, dishonored, and behaved within not good way possible by almost all the governments of this country.

This discrimination can be shown in the recent event of refusing the issuing of CNICs (identity cards) for indigenous people like BHEEL, KOLHI, DALT, JOGI, and OODE [The ORIGINAL owners of Mother Sindh]. These people are the REAL sons of soil, since before 2000 to 3000 years ago. They are even more real, more original, more Sindhi than any MIR, PIR, SYED, .., and ALL other migrated and settled in Sindh.

Today, thousands of illegal immigrants have the domicile of Sindh, WITHOUT even knowing anything about the culture, tradition, language, history of Sindh. HOWEVER! The REAL and TRUE SONS of Sindh are DENIED an IDENTITY CARD FOR THEIR OWN LAND!? They should STOP this Racism, Discrimination, and Cruelty.

The day will come when Bheel, Kolhi, Dalt, Jogi, and Oode will decide everything in Sindh. They will decide who deserves residence in their land. They will decide who has the right to hold a CNIC. They will decide the system. They will decide the FUTURE of Sindh. As the Real Owners of SINDH LAND they will decide ALL!

The MOST painful thing of all is that this darkness surrounding us, this hell-like situation is happening under the Government that claims to be the Representative of the Sindhis.

This cruelty, injustice and aggression did not even happen to the Red Indians, who were the true Americans. Then why with original Sindhis?! ..

via – Mir Raza

January 10, 2009

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups.

One thought on “The Tragedy with the ORIGINAL owners of Sindh”

  1. I personally feel that Muslims were fooled in the name of independence. The condition prevalent in India is same as in Pakistan. Once the partition was over it is the ethnic division that mattered in both the countries. The only difference is that in India by and large we respect each other language and customs but it seems in pakistan, Might is right. what is happening is due to the philosophy of Might.

    Sindhis have a tough road ahead as they have to fight elite classes of Punjab at the nation level and Mohajirs merger in Sindh at the local level.

    In India sindhis are stateless and in Pkistan Sindhis are stateless in their on state.

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