The real threat aboard the Freedom Flotilla

By Noam Chomsky


Israel’s violent attack on the Freedom Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza shocked the world. Hijacking boats in international waters and killing passengers is, of course, a serious crime.

But the crime is nothing new. For decades, Israel has been hijacking boats between Cyprus and Lebanon and killing or kidnapping passengers, sometimes holding them hostage in Israeli prisons.

Israel assumes that it can commit such crimes with impunity because the United States tolerates them and Europe generally follows the U.S.’s lead.

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How deeply Pakistan is intefering in Afghanistan

Report slams Pakistan for meddling in Afghanistan


KABUL: Pakistani military intelligence not only funds and trains Taliban fighters in Afghanistan but is officially represented on the movement’s leadership council, giving in significant influence over operations, a report said.

The report, published by the London School of Economics, a leading British institution, on Sunday, said research strongly suggested support for the Taliban was the “official policy” of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI).

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The Earth Is Closing on Us – Mahmoud Darwish

The Earth Is Closing on Us

– Mahmoud Darwish, Translation by Abdullah al-Udhari
The earth is closing on us, pushing us through the last passage, and
we tear off our limbs to pass through.

The earth is squeezing us. I wish we were its wheat so we could die
and live again. I wish the earth was our mother

So she’d be kind to us. I wish we were pictures on the rocks for our dreams to carry As mirrors. We saw the faces of those to be killed by the last of us in the last defense of the soul.

We cried over their children’s feast. We saw the faces of those who’ll
throw our children Out of the windows of the last space. Our star will hang up in mirrors.

Where should we go after the last frontiers? Where should the birds fly after the last sky? Where should the plants sleep after the last breath of air? We will write our names with scarlet steam.

We will cut off the head of the song to be finished by our flesh.

We will die here, here in the last passage. Here and here our blood will plant its olive tree.

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Enemies of Pakistan trying to stop Sindh Government taking over jurisdictions freed from Federal Control by 18th Amendment

Enemies of Sindh trying to stop Sindh Government taking over jurisdictions freed from Federal Control by 18th Amendment

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

.. Manzoor Chadio points out several cases at different Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, where enemies of Sindh are engaging in activities to stop the Sindh government from taking over the control of those subjects that have returned back to provincial jurisdiction after decades of federal usurpation. It is imperative that Sindhis in Sindh and overseas Sindhis to jointly show support for the provincial take over and criticize those who are still maneuvering to retain control over these subjects. We must stand guard and insist that the PPP governments at the provincial and the federal levels do not waiver from implementing their responsibilities.

Chandio sahib has pointed several specific cases where the daggers have been drawn and the role played by so-called national press in trying to slow down the take-over by the Sindh government. In particular, the three federal hospitals and several educational institutions are at the stake, where enemies of Sindh/ Pakistan are wedging wars on various pretexts.

I urge all to study this critical development and show our collective support for the provincial take over the institutions that we lost because of our apathy few decades ago.

June 13, 2010

Kumar Thandani : Man is mortal but legend stays!

Owner of Hyderabad’s iconic bakery dies

HYDERABAD, June 11: Man is mortal but legend stays. It can truly be said for late Kumar of Hyderabad’s Bombay Bakery, as its cuisine left an everlasting flavour on the taste buds of those lucky, who had the opportunity to relish these.

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The imperialism of Urdu

Is There a Conflict Between Urdu And the Regional Languages in Pakistan?

by Khurram Ali Shafique

[Excerpt] .. Prof. Karrar Hussain is an outstanding intellectual and scholar. At eighty-plus the Professor continues to discourse on social, religious and other poignant issues.

“After the fall of Delhi and Lucknow, Lahore became the center of literature and Hyderabad ( Deccan ) the center of science and other subjects. There was (official) patronage in Hyderabad but no such thing in Lahore .” And still the language and literature of Urdu flourished here.


“And then came Independence. Now, we must keep in mind that all people love their own languages. So, when you raised the cry: ‘Urdu hai aur Pakistan hai / Yeh sharif admi ki pehchan hai.’ Naturally, this cry caused resentment among the people of these regions. And this we would call the imperialism of Urdu. This was a very wrong thing.”


“Now Urdu here cannot be the same as it used to be in Delhi and Lucknow. It will be the Urdu of Pakistan. To insist upon the Urdu of Delhi and Lucknow , to insist upon the same usage, and upon the same life, and to insist that this is the mark of patriotism, is wrong. The conclusion I derive from this is: Urdu ko Urdu kay doston say bachao! (save Urdu from its friends) Urdu flourished when it was free from the politics.