NEW DELHI: In a major embarrassment for the army, a Lieutenant General has been forced to resign following allegations of sexual misconduct against him by the wife of an officer during a visit abroad last month. Indian army sources said that Lt. Gen A. K. Nanda, the Engineer-in-Chief, was asked to put in his papers by Army Chief Gen V. K. Singh after a complaint that he molested the wife of his technical secretary during a visit to Israel. …

Courtesy: Voice, June 05, 2010

Conspiracy talk flourishes in Pakistan

Islamabad : American may think that the failed Times Square bomb was planted by a man named Faisal Shahzad. But the view in the supreme court bar association in Pakistan is that the culprit was an American “think tank.”

No one seems to know its name, but everyone has an opinion about it, it is powerful and shadowy, and seems to control just about everything in the American government, including president Obama. ” They have planted this character Faisal Shahzad to implement their script, ” said Hashmat Ali Habib, a lawyer and a member of the bar association.

Conspiracy theory is a national sport in Pakistan, where the main players – the United States, India and Israel – Change position depending on the ebb flow of history. Since 2001, the US has taken centre stage, looming so large in Pakistan’s collective imagination that it sometimes seems to be responsible for every that goes wrong in Pakistan. “When the water stops running from the tap, Pakistanis blame America,” said  an English professor in Lahore.

The problem is more that a peculiar domestic phenomenon for Pakistan. It has grown into a narrative of national victim hood that is a nearly impenetrable barrier to any candid discussion of the problems in Pakistan…

Courtesy: The contact, June 2010


VANCOUVER – A Canadian activist who was take into Israeli custody in a raid on a flotilla of ships off the Gaza coast says even though he was beaten up by his captors, the harshest treatment was reserved for Turkish nationals. Kevin Neish, 53, was one of three Canadians detained in Israel after a violent confrontation at sea early Monday left nine activists dead. Neish, Farooq Burney and Rifat Audeh were on the Mavi Marmara as it ferried humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip. All three were taken into custody but have since been released and left Israe. Neish, of Victoria, contacted friend Zoe Blunt shortly after being flown to Istanbul late Wednesday. Blunt said Neish told her he’d suffered deep bruises on his arms after being bound for up to 25 hours by plastic handcuffs and was repeatedly threatened with death by soldiers carrying assault rifles…

Courtesy: The Canadian Press


by Nadeem F. Paracha

Kudos to television journalist, Talat Hussain, for surviving the audacious Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla, and returning home to tell the tale.

Now, if only our brave media personalities could exhibit exactly the same kind of commitment and guts in condemning all the gore and tragedies that take place in the name of faith in our own country …

That would be asking for a bit too much, wouldn’t it? After all, they know that if they were to do so, not only would they suffer labels of being ‘liberal extremists,’ or ‘western/Indian/Zionist agents,’ but no prominent government functionary would dare or bother receive them as heroes either.

The way certain frontline members of the present government received Talat (as if he had just returned after liberating Palestine from the clutches of the aggressive Zionist state), the question arose (at least in some cynical minds), where exactly were the same ministers and elected politicians (from both the PPP and PML-N), when the Ahmadi community was picking up the bodies and limbs of their dead ones slaughtered by extremists on the May 28?



June 4, 2010

.. Arch enemies of PPP

Smokers’ Corner: ‘Concerned’ journalism – By Nadeem F. Paracha

…I visited one of Karachi’s sprawling (and impoverished) areas. I went there at the invitation of an old college friend who still lives there. Both of us were members of a progressive student organisation in college in the late 1980s… For full article, click here


Sunday, 02 May, 2010

Arabic influence on Italians

Tunisia music and Arabic influence on Italians

Most of the Arab countries are very moderate in their life and even religious thoughts. There is a reason for Arabs being moderate is that they historically have been more close to Europe than South Asian.

Most of the North Africa also shows same character. Tunis or Tunisia is also a forward-looking country. I haven’t visited it but I met some people from there and what they told me that due to the foreign (Italian) occupation influence and also due to their local culture Tunisians have been moderate people. Country is small and beautiful with beaches. People are very friendly and their major industry is tourism. Here is Arabic influence on Italians in the shape of Italian belly dance:

via – Munawar Ali and Mehran Valley

Sindhi Computing

by: Abdul-Majid Bhurgri

You all probably already are aware about the consensus of the experts that to take full advantage of computer technology it is imperative that people should be able to use it in their own language. I have been working with this goal in mind since last almost quarter of a century. Today we can use almost any personal computer in the world for Sindhi.

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