– Fayaz Amar Buriro

Sha’aban Jaffri (47 Yrs) was posted as Primary Teacher at Government Boys Primary School Gul Hassan Mangi, UC Pir Bux Shujrah, Tahesil Khanpur and District Shikarpur since 1995. His early days of teaching were wonderful, when he used to come in the school in the early morning, made all arrangement for assembly and assist to his fellow teacher for the day learning. Near about 67 students were registered in the school. Some of the students who passed their primary education from the school had get admission in the Khanpur or Shikarpur in higher schools and some of them are now working in different professions as higher management.

The GBPS Gul Hassan Mangi, was comprised on two separate rooms, where multigrade classes were in operation under the supervision and teaching of Sha’aban Jaffri (Head Master).

Suddenly a tribal riot arose in the neighboring community where three innocent villagers were killed, which had made a trauma condition to the whole atmosphere for long. In the re-action of the fuss a series of mis-happenings started in the village and the fire begin and effected to all surrounded villages where village Gul Hassan Mangi became the center core of the riots. And the result many of inhabitants were migrated to the nearer towns, streets became like a lane of deserts, and more over the school came at the ruined level.

The school which was seemed like a milestone for the children now became the wrench for the animals, the boundary walls of school started collapsing in debris.

The Sha’aban Jaffri Head Master of the school kept himself in his house. He never came back to the school. Although in the papers the school was functionalized where students were coming as routine but the reality was pure up sided down. The teacher was drawing his salary every month without any accountability from the department.

In the age of cyber when civilization was thinking about the paces on mars, the children of the village Gul Hassan Mangi were passing time without any aim, goal in the streets. Their school was demoted as animal farm, and they usually gazed their school which has now no any boundary and seemed like ghost house.

In 2009, Government of Sindh planned a project for the reduction of poverty through different tools and components where Planning & Development Department merged the Education Component as back bone of the project. The project was named as Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Program UCBPRP, the project was launched in Districts Shikarpur & Kashmore @ Kandhkot. Where 300 non-functional schools are to be functionalized and provision of missing facilities is necessary in those schools in the both districts.

The project was awarded to Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO), which is implementing the various components in the communities of the districts, and from the components Education Project was handed over to National Rural Support Program (NRSP) which is working already in the Education Reformation in whole Punjab.

Through mobilizing teams NRSP empowers the community where schools are closed due to various reasons, and form School Management Committee (SMC) for the functionalizing to the school.

In the same cause mobilizing team entered the village Gul Hassan Mangi and formed SMC, collected household data of school going age children.

SMC along with officials of Education Department Shikarpur, and NRSP has appointed two local female teachers for the school, and the classes re-functionalized after 6 years. 54 boys students are registered and same multi-grade classes started working as the scheduled.

Hence the Sha’aban Jaffri, who had left school some years back, arrived and at the first he re-acted that why his school is possessed by nongovernmental organization!

He begin vocal against the act, and his concern was quite clear that may be he would be fired by the high officials.

The SMC along with community convinced him about the school functionalizing. He was advised that re-join the school and come forward to the classes.

And the next day, Sha’aban Jaffri came in the school and took a chalk and written on blackboard that: “Come forth, seek knowledge and serve the Nation”.

“I feel that I’d made a great mistake, when I left school in the fear, and haven’t seen the future of children.” Said Sha’aban Jaffri with shy face: “Being as a teacher, the children who are studying in the school are my spiritual offspring. I must now attend the school every day, this is my goal, and Government has shown me my face in my students.”

Now yesterday’s absentee teacher became punctual and he comes daily and teach the 3rd class. He advises and assists to the lady teacher who is appointed by the SMC, Miss Saira Sethar for best teaching.

“I offer cordial thanks to SRSO & NRSP teams who came and awake us from the sleep of dark.” Said Riaz Ahmed, Chairman SMC of the school: “Now our future is protected, our teacher is came back, and now we are establishing Early Childhood Education Center in our girls school, in which also Government, SRSO and NRSP is facilitating us in this sacred cause.”

Villagers are happy when they see their school is functionalized, when they hear national anthem in the school at early morning by their own children, same like the subtle sounds of bull’s bells which witnesses them for another dawn.

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