Jihadis In Punjab – Punjab Govt Ignoring Reports

Punjab ignoring CID report on terror groups – By Nasir Jamal and Shakeel Ahmed


LAHORE: The Shahbaz Sharif government appears to be reluctant to take action against the banned sectarian and Jihadi organisations operating in Punjab in spite of evidence that these may have been involved in many terrorist attacks in the province recently and may have strong links with the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

The Sharif government’s unwillingness to deal with the growing menace of terrorism in the province, including its southern districts, is in defiance of the evaluation by its own counter-terrorism agencies. A recent secret document based on data collected in south Punjab finds that a number of banned groups are carrying out a “sustained drive” to recruit fresh cadre from among the “poverty stricken, illiterate and unemployed” youth in the region.

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A cup of tea

According to some research a cup of tea without sugar and milk has potential health benefits. Tea without sugar and milk significantly cuts the risk of heart attack, keeps hydration at a healthy level, improves alertness and mood. Studies show that natural plant antioxidants found in tea – called polyphenols have beneficial effects. … Read More

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Sindh – Balochistan Lowest & most neglected in Pakistan

children-of-sindh-out-of-schoolsHDI shows Balochistan, Sindh most neglected – Sindh below Punjab, NWFP in all sectors except education

The News

By Mehtab Haider

ISLAMABAD: The Centre has found that Balochistan and Sindh, the most neglected federating units in terms of Human Development Index (HDI), will ultimately cause inclusion of backwardness as an indicator for multiple criteria for finalising the NFC Award.

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PAKISTAN: Why does a miserable, starving country continue spending its last penny on the bomb?

Another nuclear anniversary – By Pervez Hoodbhoy


Once upon a time making nuclear bombs was the biggest thing a country could do. But not any more; North Korea’s successful nuclear test provides rock-solid proof. This is a country that no one admires.

It is unknown for scientific achievement, has little electricity or fuel, food and medicine are scarce, corruption is ubiquitous, and its people live in terribly humiliating conditions under a vicious, dynastic dictatorship. In a famine some years ago, North Korea lost nearly 800,000 people. It has an enormous prison population of 200,000 that is subjected to systematic torture and abuse.

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– Fayaz Amar Buriro

Sha’aban Jaffri (47 Yrs) was posted as Primary Teacher at Government Boys Primary School Gul Hassan Mangi, UC Pir Bux Shujrah, Tahesil Khanpur and District Shikarpur since 1995. His early days of teaching were wonderful, when he used to come in the school in the early morning, made all arrangement for assembly and assist to his fellow teacher for the day learning. Near about 67 students were registered in the school. Some of the students who passed their primary education from the school had get admission in the Khanpur or Shikarpur in higher schools and some of them are now working in different professions as higher management.

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Why Pakistan is not a nation

By: Pervez Hoodbhoy
And how it could become one.
Pakistan has been a state since 1947, but is still not a nation. More precisely, Pakistan is the name of a land and a people inside a certain geographical boundary that is still lacking the crucial components needed for nationhood: a strong common identity, mental make-up, a shared sense of history and common goals. The failure so far to create a cohesive national entity flows from inequalities of wealth and opportunity, absence of effective democracy and a dysfunctional legal system.

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Baloch Human Rights Commission (Canada) issues Statement on Human Rights violations in Makaran

Toronto, June 1, 2010 – Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) expressed its deepest concerns over the new wave of gross human rights violations committed by the security forces in the Makaran region of Balochistan. BHRC has learnt through local sources and press statements of Baloch National Movement (BNM) central leadership that within the last couple of days there has been a significant movement of troops in the area of district Gwadar and Dasht. A heavy contingent of forces including 80 trucks carrying soldiers, 40 armoured vehicles, artillery, 8 gunship helicopters, and 20 water supplying tankers are reportedly part of the first wave of troop deployment in the region.

AJP Held Budget & Economy Seminar in Hyderabad.

A Seminar on Budget & Economy of Sindh entitled “Addressing Developmental Needs of Sindh” was held at Hyderabad Press club on Monday, May 31st by Awami Jamhoori Party (AJP). Keeping in view great dearth of economic thinking, discourse among civil society and political forces of issues of development and under-development, it proved to be a good start.

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