Washington Kashmir conference Announced

WASHINGTON: May 26, 2010. The Kashmiri-American Council and the Association of Humanitarian Lawyers are to hold their ‘11th Annual International Kashmir Peace Conference’ here on July 29th and July30th, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai announced here today. Dr. Fai said the principal theme of the conference this year will be ‘”India-Pakistan Relations: Breaking the Deadlock over Kashmir.’

The conference will be held on Thursday, July 29th & Friday, 30th, 2010 at the Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. The primary objective of this conference is to explore various possibilities to set a stage for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

Dr. Fai stressed that the international community is upholding the position of principle that the future status of Kashmir must be ascertained in accordance with the wishes and the aspirations of the people. It was also upheld equally by both India and Pakistan when the Kashmir dispute was brought before the Security Council in 1948. This may be regarded as history but there is no reason why, when the human, political and legal realities of the dispute have only not changed but have become more accentuated with the passage of time, it should now be regarded as irrelevant.

The Executive Director emphasized that Kashmiri Americans are mindful of the urgings by the United States that India and Pakistan keep “talking to each other.” It would be perverse on the part of anyone to oppose that course of action. But to expect a breakthrough in bilateral talks is to ask for miracles. We would like to reiterate that the urgent goal of resolving the Kashmir dispute cannot be left to the two governments to achieve. Bilateral talks have proven barren for more than 61 years; they have lacked a sense of urgency. It requires the engagement of a multilateral effort with the participation of the Kashmiris themselves.

Dr. Fai reiterated that the durable peace and development of harmonious relations and friendly cooperation will serve the vital interests of the peoples of the two countries of India and Pakistan, enabling them to devote their energies for a better future. With good faith by all parties concerned common –– The governments of India & Pakistan and the people of Kashmir — ground leading to a final settlement of the Kashmir tragedy can be discovered. If it can happen in East Timor, South Africa, and Serbia, then it can happen in Kashmir, which is even more urgent because of nuclear and missile proliferation in the region.

Speakers from India, Pakistan and Kashmir from both sides of the Cease-fire Line are on the invitation list.

From India the organizers have invited: Ambassador Kuldip Nayar, Justice Rajendar Sachar, Professor Kamal Chenoy, Ms. Rita Manchanda, Ms. Harinder Baweja, Mr. Gautam Navlakha

From Pakistan the following have been are invited: Mr. Mohammad Afzal Sindhu, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, Dr. Attia Inaytullah, Ms. Mariana Babaar, Mr. Ahmer Bilal Soofi, Esq.

From Kashmir, the list includes the following: Prime Minister AJK, Mr. Raja Farooq Haider, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Mr. Syed Ali Geelani, Mr. Mohammad Yasin Malik, Mr. Shabir Ahmed Shah, Mr. Ved Bhasin, Pandit Jatinder Bakhshi, Professor Hameeda Bano, Mr. Basharat peer, Professor Ghulam Rasool Malik, Mr. Mian Abdul Qayyum, Ambassador Yusuf Buch, Dr. Farhan Chak and Mr. Zahid G. Mohammad

Others on the invitation list are: Professor Stanley Wolpert, Professor Stephen Cohen, Professor Richard Shapiro, Dr. Haley Duschinski, Dr. Rodney Jones, Dr. Karen Parker, Professor Angana Chatterji, Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino, PUGWASH, Ms. Victoria Schofield

Invitations have also gone out to Pakistani Ambassador Hussain Haqqani and Indian Ambassador Meera Shankar.

From expatriate Kashmiri activists: Dr. Ghulam N. Mir, Mr. Sareer Fazili, Esq, Prof. (Dr.) Altaf Wani, Mr. Ali S. Khan, Dr. Khalid J. Qazi, Mr. Muzzammil Thakur and Mr. Mumtaz Wani, Esq.

Important Note:

Kashmiri American Council has made group room reservation at Virginian Suites.

Dr. Fai stressed those participants who need hotel room must call Virginian Suites at 703-522-9600 (reservations@virginiansuites.com) to obtain a discounted rate during the conference.

The ‘Cut-Off-Date’ for getting discounted rate is: June 20, 2010.

Reference: Kashmiri American Council.

KAC will not issue any letter to any international participant for visa purposes unless s/he is officially invited as a speaker. And do not expect any hotel room unless you are officially invited as a speaker.

May 26, 2010


Received via e-mail.

2 thoughts on “Washington Kashmir conference Announced”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a kashmiri,retired prof of agriculuture.The questons on kashmir dispute,food security and conspiracies to supress kashmir independence has been my point of interest.I will like to join you and deliver lecture on the truth as reported by me.Pl see my articles too.

  2. I’m an American journalist working for National Geographic, TIme.com, and the Wall Street Journal in Kashmir. I’ll be working on a project this summer in DC and would like to attend the conference per the discounted rate before June 20, 2010.


    Rebecca Byerly

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