YouTube & FaceBook the mass media for common people in Pakistan blocked

Pakistani court orders Facebook blocked in prophet row

A court in Pakistan has ordered the authorities temporarily to block the Facebook social networking site.

The order came when a petition was filed after the site held a competition featuring caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

The petition, filed by a lawyers’ group called the Islamic Lawyers’ Movement, said the contest was “blasphemous”.

A message on the competition’s information page said it was not “trying to slander the average Muslim”.

“We simply want to show the extremists that threaten to harm people because of their Muhammad depictions that we’re not afraid of them,” a statement on the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” said.

“They can’t take away our right to freedom of speech by trying to scare us into silence.”

The information section of the page said that it was set up by a Seattle-based cartoonist, Molly Norris.

It contains caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad and characters from other religions, including Hinduism and Christianity, as well as comments both critical and supportive of Islam.


Publications of similar cartoons in Danish newspapers in 2005 sparked angry protests in Muslim countries – five people were killed in Pakistan.

Already the Pakistani press has reported protests against Facebook on Wednesday by journalists outside parliament in Islamabad, while various Islamic parties are also reported to be organising demonstrations.

Correspondents say that the internet is uncensored in Pakistan but the government monitors content by routing all traffic through a central exchange.

Justice Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court ordered the department of communications to block the website until 31 May, and to submit a written reply to the petition by that date.

An official told the court that parts of the website that were holding the competition had been blocked, reports the BBC Urdu service’s Abdul Haq in Lahore.

But the petitioner said a partial blockade of a website was not possible and that the entire link had to be blocked.

The lawyers’ group says Pakistan is an Islamic country and its laws do not allow activities that are “un-Islamic” or “blasphemous”.

The judge also directed Pakistan’s foreign ministry to raise the issue at international level.

In the past, Pakistan has often blocked access to pornographic sites and sites with anti-Islamic content.

It has deemed such material as offensive to the political and security establishment of the country, says the BBC’s M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad.

In 2007, the government banned the YouTube site, allegedly to block material offensive to the government of Pervez Musharraf.

The action led to widespread disruption of access to the site for several hours. The ban was later lifted.


2 thoughts on “YouTube & FaceBook the mass media for common people in Pakistan blocked”

  1. Asalam o alaykum…
    Ban is not the solution, we are playing their game. I recall studying the history of the sub continent during British rule that Muslims were the ones to ban learning of English. Where did we end up? Learning it the hard way. As Sir Syed said (don’t remember the exact quote) to fight some one or make a point or defend yourself you have to learn to speak their language. I think history is repeating itself again with these events. We cannot close our door and expect the problem is going to go away. Talk back; protesting will do u no good.

    I would have asked people to start pages on facebook that would quesiton Holocaust, label Jew as murders, label American as bastards and so on and so forth. If they are talking about freedom of speech and they have the right to say anything then so do we.

    The thing is, there is a fine line between freedom of speech and respect for other around you. – Choose wisely for every one is going to be judged on the choices they make.

    These are my thought.


    Correct me if i am wrong – In Surah Ya-Seen isn’t it mentioned (from my understanding) that there people what will not believe.

    One more thing, why are we trying to convince them, or what are we trying to convince? If we want other to respect us, first thing is that we repect ourselves. We havn’t even over come the issue of Moon sighting for Eid amongst ourselves yet let alone be united on such fronts.

    As i said these are my thought.

    Quoting IAOJ Slogan
    ‘All Nations, All Races, All Creeds have same dreams and same needs.”

  2. I totally in the favor of the ban of face-book at least those who have little common sense .
    Face book is not a monopoly. They are not permitted to do whatever they want from any point.
    Moreover, apart from being Muslim, i just ask you people a simple question.
    Why always media tries to down Muslims one way or another.Why?
    The answer is simple ‘ Haters make me famous’
    Haters are Muslims because the they are more than 2 billion on the surface of earth.
    Have you heard any case(generally speaking) that Muslim tries to insult any other religion.No.If you think they did. Open history and you get the solution and answer. we always defend.
    What USA did in Afghanistan and Iraq?Attack for so-called war on Terror, and when American and NATO forces unable to control the land of brave Afghan people than started to get help from Pakistan.huh what a Jock.
    Ultimately, becoming rich and richer doesn’t mean whatever you think is right and always right.wake up people !

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