Proposal for Sindh Media University (SMU)

by: Manzoor Chandio

..there is a pressing need for setting up two universities in Sindh. 1- the Sindh Media University (SMU) because recently the media in Sindh has grown as an industry… It requires thousands of skilled people in various fields… 2- the Sindh University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences because our land is blessed with millions of animals but there is no scientific knowledge to save them. Every year thousands of livestock die after being hit by diseases leaving Sindh’s rural poor more poorer… Education in both these disciplines is the most neglected in Sindh…

If we don’t compare Sindh with the developed world and only look at Punjab, the province is much ahead of us and has established such universities.

The subjects of SMU should be mass communications, film, art, drama, theatre, folk crafts etc…SUVAS should impart scientific education about cattle and wildlife…Our old-styled rulers have no realisation that Sindh’s unique species of cows, buffaloes, goat etc are on the verge of being vanished. Wildlife is about to go extinct…

I would suggest, instead of setting up any media-related institution in Hyderabad, it should be established in Karachi because there is no university in the city named after Sindh. There are several institutions in Lahore named after Punjab… And no one has objection… Those who have imposed educational apartheid in Karachi and banned Sindhi students admission to educational institution of the city are planning even to rename the Sindh Medical College as Jinnah Medical College.

With the setting up of Sindh Media University in Karachi one historic wrong would be corrected and that is the shifting of Sindh University from Karachi to Hyderabad… As we know the University of Sindh was established in April, 1947 and in 1951 it was shifted from Karachi to Hyderabad as a prelude to occupy Sindh’s capital city.

Then the Sindh Assembly had become ‘Pakistan Assembly’, Sindh Secretariat was occupied and named as ‘Pakistan Secretariat’. The High Court of Sindh worked as the Supreme Court… As a student of history I’ve yet to read that any nation in the world has surrendered its prime institutions… But our Bhotars did… Later, forefathers of the present Bhotar rulers were asked to pack and establish capital of Sindh in Hyderabad.

So my suggestion is that the Sindh Media University should be set up in Karachi, if Bhotars are unable to shift the Sindh University back to its original campus which now is Karachi University. The Sindh University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences may be set up in Hyderabad.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists,May 18, 2010

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