Long live Sindh, South Asia and long live the world – Sindh Round Table Conference in London

by: Javed Qazi

London round table conference on Sindh, organized by Sindh Monitors a Washington based advocacy group, whose main activist are Dr Maqbool Halepoto, Dr Safdar Sarki, Hanne Bursech and Mr Munawar Laghari, held from May 5rd to 8th, was indeed a successful event. It was first of all a novel in its format, and it had taken place in one of the prestigious educational Institution of the World, and also in its department of oriental sciences. It was mainly academic and well recognized people in this respect had participated in its different session. Almost all issues and corners of Sindh and its society and about its politics had been discussed. Its all sessions were brain storming. I give the organizers congratulations for its success.

However water politics as such had not risen specifically to dedicate a whole session for it. Nonetheless it was also discussed and all areas were possibly attempted to cover. And equally it was not practically possible to cover each and every area by dedicating a whole session to it. water crises are coming up as the most critical area that Sindh now has to address.

The focus was Sindh. And with its reference all areas were attempted to cover and in most it was surely success and in few it has to go to improve. No doubt making every one sit and participate in all three days is self evidence to show the enthusiasm and the commitment for the cause of Sindh.

It had equally touched to the democratic process and its advocates had also given their genuine arguments. And there were radicals there as well. By and large it was quite far from demagogues and rhetoric, which may had fallen to this side or that side. Of course more the conference of such nature will take place more shall they sharpen our eyes to be clear in our wisdom and thus could have strength to have a visionary looks.

No doubt Sindh is passing through its critical phase of history. At a time where its leadership is reasonably week and egoist. It is fail to keep people united. The same phenomenon was witnessed by me that it is also present in the people of Sindh those who are living abroad and particularly those they are in form or another are working for the cause of Sindh.

We unfortunately forget that we are the most marginalized people of south Asia . Only unity can be our strength and a tool. We are failing to unite. We are also fail to make our nationalistic views to have its roots in the working class of Sindh, such as peasants, clerks, teachers, women workers and their supporters in students etc. we can not afford therefore such a careless approach of so called egos, which has manifested into so called ideological differences. We all are seculars, we all are Sufism believers, most of us have an approach to struggle for provincial autonomy and also to support a democratic process in the country, and some are those who believe in secession and their history is also not to have alliance with democratic forces of the country. But again we can talk with each other we can discuss many things. It is high time, we must come forward with spacious hearts to listen to each other and we can sit together. Disagreement is never harmful, it is rather strength.

May 14, 2010

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