Incident of Times Square and future of the region

By Zar ali khan musazai

Faisal Shehzad has admitted that he was a criminal and terrorist who wanted to explode the innocent people at Times square, New York, USA. He belonged to Mohib Banda, a village situated at the west of district Nowshera adjacent to Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pukhtunkhawa.

His family members and especially the former Nazim (Mayer of village) and a known political man who was associated with left politics during his student life Faiz Mohammad said that the Faisal had some changes for the last some time. The boy seemed to have developed relationship with the terrorist groups in Pakistan some where in Karachi and Nowshera. There are reports that the terrorist Shahzad had links with Taliban in Waziristan, FATA. Taliban spokesman had acknowledged that Pakistani Taliban were responsible for the terrorist attack in New York when heard about the incident and the report was published in so many Pakistani dailies but now the same Taliban sensing gravity of situations backtracked, saying that their Waziristan based group was not having any acquaintance with Faisal Shahzad and he might have got militancy training somewhere in Pakistan from another Jihadi out-fit. The Taliban though did not repent for what unfortunate incident occurred and despite they congratulated the Faisal Shahzad for his futile terrorist act, like the one we had heard from Al quada leadership after the incident of 9/11, 2001. If we go back to the 9/11, then we could easily find that all the terrorists were from Arab world and there was no one from any Pashtun area or Afghanistan there but minutes after the incident the American government asked the Taliban to hand over Osama and his cronies. Taliban,s response could not satisfy America and on Oct.7,2001, it perched its forces at the hills and plains of Afghanistan, compelled Taliban to leave the Kabul and flee to nearby mountains and adjacent areas across Durand line by the strong support of friendly Pakistan. Most of the militants were allowed to enter from Tora Bora to Tirah valley of Khyber Agency and Kurram Agency from where they were moved towards Waziristan and a new government of Islamic Emirate was established there. When Pakistan came under international pressure, she artificially made another drama in Swat to divert the attention of world from real situations in Waziristan. More than 4 million people were forced to vacate their areas and live as IDPs. Pakistani establishment got two benefits out of it. On one hand it diverted world attention from Waziristan and on other it got American dollars to crush Pashtun and disgrace their women and tribes on the name of terrorism while in actual terrorists were reared up by it itself as a strategic asset. During Swat operation some low caliber militants were crushed but the real stock was kept hidden once again to use them for next round. It is claimed that Swat was cleared from terrorists but in real terms it is wrong as we see that target killing has been launched by the terrorists and their mentors alike. People of Swat Amn Jirga(Peace Council) were assassinated after they asked military to go back from Swat and they themselves could dare to fight against terrorists. This utterance of the peaceful people enraged the military establishment and on next day the people of Amn Jirga were no more in this world. Just few days back I had a chance to participate in a peace mushaira (Poets gathering) in Buner along some leaders of Amn Tehreek, Convener Idrees Kamal and Syed Mukhtar Bacha. We witnessed a tension there due to presence of military and militants both. Both interrogate people frequently and ask about their loyalty about Army and Pakistan. The houses and shops of the people in Buner are painted with Pakistani flag showing that Pakistan Army has recaptured the area form the hold of terrorists but actually the area still has tension and few terrorists numbering not exceeding form 35 roaming in the mountain of Ilam. There were also reports from the residents of the area that military request them to help them arrest terrorist Taliban from the mountain. People agree reluctantly due to fear and Army duress, but refuse to be divided into small groups either by terrorists or otherwise. People claim that terrorists are the need of establishment as without their presence the Army will have no option left behind but to leave and at same time American dollars will be stopped funneling towards them. At a check post established by military near the house of absconder Taliban leader Rahim Khan I and Idrees Kamal were pulled out from the car at the check point near Gadezi. The soldier standing on duty intercepted us and asked for our Identity cards. Mine and Idrees Kamal ID cards were scissored down by the cop asking the driver not to seat them in car and will have to walk on foot for a long distance. People suffer from the hardships and problems by both military and militants.

There have been more than 9 years of the war against terror in our region and FATA but still there are militants every where in FATA though the Pakistan claims to have wiped out militants from FATA which has no weight and hard to be trusted any more. There are two reasons either Pakistani security forces are unable to control situations and if it is not then there arises suspicions in minds and hearts of the people about the friendship of the military and militants. As for as Pakhtun people are concerned, they are 100% sure about this friendship and there is no doubt left over for them.

I am afraid that US and Afghan forces will enter the FATA and other parts of Pakhtun areas to release the abducted Abdul Khaliq Farahi , Afghanistan- Designate Ambassador to Pakistan who is still in captivity of militants and whose video was released few days back appealing Afghanistan government to take steps for his release. The American forces are feared to enter the area in question on the pretext that their proclaimed enemies (Taliban) are sitting in FATA and have posed the threat for the Americans. If we observe the situations closely, it is evident that it is more or less the same situations of 9/11 but with a difference that the terrorists used in said incident were from Arab world while in recent terrorist act both Faisal Shahzad and Taliban are from the area from where Americans are afraid to be attacked.

May 12, 2010

(The writer is social and Political worker and can be reached at his email


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