If the urdu speaking population of Sindh sincerely merged into their new homeland and showed their willingness to be proud Sindhis, respecting its culture, values, and language, we would welcome them!

by:Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

We are all aware that the recent overtures by Sindhi PPP leaders towards Sindhiat has more to do with their fears of loosing power within the Government and the party itself than with their newly found love for Sindhis. But, that is OK! Sindhis should be gracious and come to aid of any one who proudly shows their Sindhi heritage as Zardari did by wearing Sindhi attire while inspecting Guard of Honor in Afghanistan.

I for one would even forgive atrocities committed by MQM and embrace them if they sincerely merged into their new homeland and showed their willingness to be proud Sindhis, respecting its culture, values, and language.

In my view, even though PPP has been forgetful of its commitments to its Sindhi constituents, we overseas Sindhis must not forget that Sindhis back home have expressed their confidence in PPP by voting for it in overwhelming numbers.

Punjab has their military and majority in population; our urdu speaking population are unified in their support of a single leader (Altaf Hussain); Baluch people and leaders have joined hands to pursue for the same agreed destination; and Pathans have a sister country (Afghanistan) to protect their culture, language, and history. In the context of political assets, what do we Sindhis have except PPP? WE only see 8-9 nationalist political parties, who have yet to earn trust of people and whose leaders are more interested in maintaining their leadership of their small splinter groups than in unifying and offering a strategic alternative to PPP.

Imagine the consequences if Asif Zardari was forced to resign from the presidency of Pakistan and the leadership of PPP moved to Punjab! Do you think Sindhis will benefit from that change in any way? I bet if that happens, every Sindhi would immediately realize the loss of their most strategic political asset. The Sindhis would be severely disappointed and disheartened. What would follow in the aftermath would most likely will be that PPP in Sindh would reduced become a small splinter just like other eight political parties. The political parties headed by non-Sindhis would take the advantage of political vacuum in Sindh and attract some Sindhis to join them. This would lead to a situation where exploiters would find it easy to make laws and enact regulations that would hasten the decay of Sindhi culture, language and Sindhi identity.

We must cold heartedly look at our strengths and weaknesses. Like Baluch, we are neither a martial people nor do have a cadre of leaders that agree on one common strategy. Our history shows that once we divide ourselves in many splinter groups, we become an easy target to be ruled by others!

Until Sindhis are able to offer a credible alternative to PPP that will protect Sindhi interests, it will be a serious mistake to even stay neutral in the conspiracy of those who have joined hands to transfer the leadership of PPP to non-Sindhis.

4 thoughts on “If the urdu speaking population of Sindh sincerely merged into their new homeland and showed their willingness to be proud Sindhis, respecting its culture, values, and language, we would welcome them!”

  1. okkk but udru speakers are already populated in sindh which are even ruthful… very much crimes in sindh are practised by them and cultures of …….are also practised. their cousins in delhi,india…..bihar and other parts of india…during the partition of indo-pakistan they migrated to pakistan…and the others which were educated stayed there.so,its true that these people of pakistan our not as much good…(importance given to them) is not suitable for ignorant birds…
    thousands of riots were fought and are still fighting….created a very wrathfulparty known as M….so leave them they are more likely called themselves Mohajis instead of merging in Sindh and become Sindhi …and remember wo hindustan se jootey khakar pakistan mein ayei.. and Sindhis give them place in their hearts but they become “you too Brutus”.

  2. sindhis are not descended from common ancestry…we are a multitude of several groups including Baloch and descendants of ancient Punjabis and not really the sole continuation of the indus civilization as these bainwashers try to portray as the indus civilization stretched all the way to north india….In old days a Sindhi was anyone who resided in Sindh and loved her land and culture…most Sindhis are descended from people who migrated here and adopted our culture…I live in Karachi and there are many Undu-speaking people and especially settled Punjabis here who do love the land and culture…who read an write and adore the language…rich people who have done more 4 sindh and Sindhis via their philanthropy than nationalist leaders like G.M Syed and his fellow nationalists ever did except blow wind and make use of the desperation of impoverished masses to win votes…now i ask u that,knowing that a multitude of races were allowed to migrate to sindh and are the ancestors of most Sindhis,ARE THESE PEOPLE I HAVE MENTIONED NOT SINDHI???

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