Benazir : if she can…we surely can!


by: Fayaz Amar Buriro

When Benazir Shar (23 Yrs) born in the poor family of village Ghulam Hussain Shar, Union Council Garhi Dakho, Khanpur, District Shikarpur, the days were going on the popularity of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, the Daughter of East. Her father Ali Gohar Shar (46 Yrs) named her in the inspiration of the daughter of east, who was taking places in the hearts of the nation, due to her courage, dignity and bravery.

When Benazir Shar reached at the age of four, she brought a dream to her father about her education. There wasn’t any school even in the surroundings of the village. But the poor father had aimed that he will educate the little girl as like Benazir Bhutto. Ali Gohar advised with his younger brother Gul Hassan, for the cause. Both brothers gathered the villagers and put the issue for foundation of primary school in the village. In the return they got disgusting laughs from the villagers which were totally against of education in their village.

Their reasons were solid which they have given to the brothers.

1. Who will give the piece of land for the building of school?

2. Why they waste their labour hands in the shape of little children?

3. Why they lose traditional morality after Girls Education?

But Ali Gohar stood alone in front of the community; he promised and told to all that one day you all will give honour to my little baby Benazir.

And the day became milestone for the Ali Gohar. He went to the Tehsil headquarter Khanpur and started struggle for the foundation of the primary school in his village. He met with District Education Officer and requested him for the school building. Though he was poor and owned only ¼ acre agricultural land but for the sacred cause he had given half of the land for the school. And within a year school was formed where teacher was posted by the education department.

Benazir Shar joined the school along with 7 boys students of the village. She passed primary education with ample numbers and ready for the middle standard education. Ali Gohar had shown the progressive fatherhood and brought her to the Khanpur, where his younger brother Gul Hassan was residing. They arranged her admission in the Girls Higher School Khanpur, where she started English alphabet with new zeal and wonder.

Meanwhile in the village every fellow had given bad words to the father who kept her daughter on mercy of others and the whole scene was against of their own so-called honour, but Ali Gohar stood up as Ernest Hemingway wrote in one his novel: “A man can be destroyed but can’t be defeated!”

The villagers made a quarrel and began acts for de-functionalizing the school. And temporarily they succeeded their plan. The school where Benazir had studied once remained closed permanently.

The condition of school was becoming worse to the worst. The children of the village were passing their time in agricultural lands or roaming in streets without any cause. Their future was on the stake without their education. And the time came when Benazir Shar came in the village after 10 years where she saw the poor condition of the school and the children. She even noticed that the behaviors of the villagers were a little bit change to the positive. But what they can do, they cut their hands and let the building of school in collapsing level.

After three days she heard about Village Organization of the local level in her village which was formed by her neighbor women with assistance of SRSO. She attended a meeting and had put the matter of functionalizing the school in the meeting. In the same month the mobilizing team of NRSP-SRSO visited the school and after dialoguing with the community they formed School Management Committee (SMC).

Benazir Shar was appointed Head Teacher and Gen: Secretary of SMC, and initiated the teaching to the boys and girls of the village. Due to rich enrollment it was considered for the 2nd Shift Girls Primary Class in evening time, in which another newly married girl was appointed who came from another village, where she got Intermediate education.

Today 92 boy students are studying in first shift and 45 girl students are in second shift class.

“Today I feel myself in heaven. My head in inclined to Almighty God in offering thanks for giving me such courage.” Said Ali Gohar: “Now all villagers are giving respect to my daughter; who is lightening with the education to all children of my village.”

The missing facilities are being in provision. The school is functionalized after 12 years. The villagers are giving examples of both “Benazirs”.

“I was a poor farmer but had made struggle for bringing the light of education to my village.” Ali Gohar said with glittering face: “I feel that my dream came true!”

“Thank you SRSO, thank you NRSP for helping me to make my dream true!” Benazir Shar added to her father: “This was my dream from my childhood! And now I am teaching here! I am making future of my race and feeling worship!”

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5 thoughts on “Benazir : if she can…we surely can!”

  1. Thank you Altaf Memon Sahab. I am really very much thankfull to you all my well wisher friends.

  2. Dear Fayaz, it is for the first time that I have got an oppertunity to go through your write up. No doubt, it is really a wonderful story which has been embodied in beautiful words by you. The state of education of Sindh in general and of District Shikarpur in particular is not hidden from anybody. The persons like Ali Gohar and Benazir can change the fate of the little angels of Sindh. This case study will really be an example for those who can do something for the betterment of education with their meager resources.

  3. Thank you very much, Zafar Abbas and Asif Ali Sahibaan, for appreciating my write up. And I’ve been writing in different newspapers. Yes for a while I’ve paused my literary work, and there is a hump of reasons behind this hibernation. But I’ve realized that I must write, otherwise I’ll be dried. Once again thanks for your encouraging.
    PS: Behind the Benazir Shar, there is Sindh Government, who has aimed now to Education for all!

  4. I not often find the words to appreciate the writings of Fayaz sb, which always inculcates the other side of our society: the white one, the bright one. The need is not only to explore such panoramas but also encourage the individuals, especially in villages, to educate their girls. I contemplate this story of Benazir shar not optimism but a REALITY. I congratulate Fayaz sb for this nice work, BRAVO.

  5. I am wondering when Amar Fayaz writes. And here after long sleep he is again with us. Fayaz has shown the face of optimist level of our courage. NRSP and SRSO really explore the bold AND BEAUTIFUL minds of Sindh. I hope that all “Benazirs” will come out and carry on this sacred task.

    Thanks Benazir.

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