Pakistan Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud is alive

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by Omer Farooq Khan

Courtesy: TOI

ISLAMABAD: The chief of Pakistani Taliban Hakimullah Mehsud survived an American drone attack in the northwestern tribal region of the country in January, and is alive and well, intelligence sources said.

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MQM begins rural Sindh

Many sindhies have joined MQM because of the fraud by PPP after getting votes in the name of BB Shaheed. MQM has Zonal Offices in all towns/cities and units throughout the districts of SINDH. 16 months back when I was in Dadu they had 35 units and now must be more. Besides they have EXISTENCE in EVEN IN SMALL villages and people are joining them EVERY DAY .They have Sindhi Ministers , senators. MNAs and MPAs. Their presence in Punjab even at small level will endanger Chodhries and notorious leagues and other fraudias because iron cuts iron. I think this time they will take more seats from Sindh rural  because they have network and resouces. Whereas their competators PPP is engaged minting money. FIVE SEATS OF SENATORS FROM SINDH HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO NON SINDHIS BY PPP . JOBS ARE BEING SOLD AND SINDHIES ARE NOW VICTIMS OF THE POLICE AND OTHER CORRUPT OFFICERS AS THEY HAVE TO RECOVER THEIR MONEY PAID BY THEM FOR THEIR POSTINGS. WHEREAS SINDHI NATIONALISTS ARE ENGAGED IN FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER..

[Our elected and non-elected leaders instead of caring Sindhis most of them are corrupt and they are robbing our own people. The worst exploitation of Sindh is continue by our own. Sindhis are not only exploited by others, but, also our own nationalist groups and they are shamelessly involve in looting and selling the resources of Sindh. Our Sindhi nationalists are only  looking at their personal gains instead of collective good.  We need to stop blaming others (even if others are to blame).]


[Above mail is from a friend in Sindh in response to Aziz Narejo’s article on “MQM in Punjab! Can history foretell the future?”]

Courtesy: SANAList, Thu, April 29, 2010

Chaos over Russian base rages through Ukraine’s parliament

KIEV: Opposition lawmakers hurled eggs and smoke bombs inside Ukraine’s parliament as the chamber approved an agreement allowing the Russian Navy to extend its stay in a Ukrainian port until 2042. Crowds of supporters and opponents scuffled outside the parliament building as deputies from newly elected Present Victor Yanukovich’s coalition approved a 25-year extension to the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s base in Crimea “Today will go down as a black page in the history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian parliament,” former premier Yulia Tymoshenko, no in opposition, told journalists inside parliament.