Meet Alice Albinia, author of “Empires of the Indus”

Meet Alice Albinia, author of “Empires of the Indus”, Sun, 2 May , 4 pm, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, 48 South 7th Street, San Jose, CA 95112-3544 Presented by Friends of South Asia, World Sindhi Congress, and Sindhi Association of North America

“Alice Albinia is the most extraordinary traveler of her generation… A journey of astonishing confidence and courage.”—Rory Stewart

One of the largest rivers in the world, the Indus rises in the Tibetan mountains and flows west across northern India and south through Pakistan. It has been worshiped as a god, used as a tool of imperial expansion, and today is the cement of Pakistan’s fractious union.

Alice Albinia follows the river upstream, through two thousand miles of geography and back to a time five thousand years ago when a string of sophisticated cities grew on its banks. “This turbulent history,

entwined with a superlative travel narrative” (The Guardian) leads us from the ruins of elaborate metropolises, to the bitter divisions of today. Like Rory Stewart’s The Places In Between, Empires of the Indus is an engrossing personal journey and a deeply moving portrait of a river and its people.

2 thoughts on “Meet Alice Albinia, author of “Empires of the Indus””

  1. Dear Ms.Albinia:
    Your writing skill made my jaw drop, but your personal experiences really knocked me over. I was continually amazed at the discomfort to which you subjected yourself, your faithfullness to your subject, and your love of the people and the river. I will endeavor to think of you whenever I start to complain that my down pillow is just not fluffy enough.
    Thank you for the wonderful book.
    Paul Cummins
    Santa Cruz, California

  2. Dear Alice Albinia,
    It looks like that you are quite deeply involved in studies related to Indus and Indus civilization. Recently i have published a book on Indus civilization proposing new theories. All details are available in my web site, kindly go through the material and give your valuable suggetions. thanking you,With regards, Jeyakumar

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