Sindh can provide Power for whole of Pakistan

‘Sindh can provide power for the whole nation’
by Qasim A. Moini
KARACHI: Claiming that Sindh has the potential to provide enough energy to power the entire nation, a speaker suggested at a seminar on Tuesday that efforts should be made to fast-track the establishment of wind farms along the coastal belt of the province to overcome the country-wide energy crisis.

This was stated by Dr Suhail Zaki Farooqui, a professor at the National University of Science and Technology, Karachi, at a seminar titled ‘Exploring the universe’ held at the University of Karachi as part of Space Week celebrations.
Several scholars presented papers on various topics at the seminar, which was organized by KU’s Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics (ISPA), in collaboration with the university’s department of physics and applied physics and the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology’s (FUAAST) department of physics.
‘The whole universe is energy. The sun, the stars etc, they are nothing but energy. The whole world is experiencing an energy crisis. People are looking at renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass, biofuels, waves, the ocean, geothermal and nuclear energy as alternatives,’ said Dr Farooqui in his informative presentation on ‘Exploring the world of energy.’
He claimed that out of all these energy sources, wind energy, which is actually a derivative of solar energy, has been the most successful and its use was increasing at an exponential rate. ‘Denmark produces 25 per cent of its total energy from wind. Europe, as well as the United States, is aiming for that figure,’ he said, adding that currently, the total installed wind power capacity of the globe was over 100,000 megawatts.
Dr Farooqui said that in 2001, former president Pervez Musharraf had initiated a programme to explore the country’s wind power potential and accordingly, 45 sites in Sindh and Balochistan had been short-listed as prospective locations for wind farms.
‘Seven to eight foreign firms have already set up wind farms in Pakistan. Data is also being collected in the NWFP. According to the earlier data, a 200km coastal belt along Sindh-Balochistan has the capability to produce 40,000 megawatts of electricity. Sindh has the potential to provide enough energy for the whole of Pakistan,’ he observed.
Earlier, Dr Shahid Qureshi, in-charge ISPA, gave a background of Space Week and highlighted the other events scheduled to take place under the institute’s patronage, such as a ‘planet watch’ programme on Oct 30 at KU’s observatory for faculty and students and a poster competition for college and university students on November 1.
He claimed that the study of and advances in nuclear, computer and space sciences had been key factors responsible for the economic and technological successes of the ‘developed’ nations.
He regretted the fact that the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco) – Pakistan’s national space agency – lacked resources to train scientists in space sciences and thus, the country lagged behind in the field of space technology.

Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Dawn
Wednesday, 29 Oct, 2008–qs

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