UN report pointed finger towards general Musharraf

Is BB’s Assassination Bigger Crime than The Violation of The Constitution?

by K. Ashraf

When Ms. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated many national and international analysts including this scribe pointed finger towards general Musharraf. General Musharraf may not have fired the bullet, but he definitely advertently or inadvertently let the security situation worsen to the extent that led to BB’s murder.

After UN report, PPP central Committee has decided to move against all those who were responsible for the negligence including general Musharraf. PPP Government and PPP as political party will become plaintiff against General Musharraf and all those who are found responsible for creating conditions that led to BB’s murder.

The party Central Committee has immediately given the task to Interior Ministry to take necessary steps.

As a first step, the Interior Ministry will made all concerned officials SDOs and put their names on Exit Control List. According to the news, all those living abroad will be extradited to face the charges.

If BB’s assassins are caught, tried, and punished according to the law it indeed will be a positive development. The people who commit such heinous crimes must face the law and receive the punishment for their crimes.

If general Musharraf is tried for BB’s murder and the court finds him guilty he should be punished according to the law.

However, in this whole saga, there is an important point. Is BB’s murder bigger crime than the crimes general Musharraf committed against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan?

Is BB’s murder bigger crime than the violation of article 6 of the constitution? Is BB’s murder bigger crime than threatening Akbar Bugti on national TV and then following the threat through use of state force?

Is BB’s murder bigger crime than the murder of hundred of men and women killed in Lal Mosque operation under general Musharraf’s orders?

Is BB’s murder bigger crime than handing over hundreds of Pakistani nationals to foreign agencies for money?

Is BB’s murder bigger crime than conniving with MQM and killing 53 people on the streets for Karachi on May 12, 2007 and than publicly boasting about these killings as his prowess?

Trying general Musharraf for BB’s murder is also like a cover-up of general Musharraf’s heinous crimes against the constitution, the state and the people of Pakistan.

How PPP government led by Mr. Zardari failed to try general Musharraf for violation of article 6, but now it is willing to try general Musharraf for BB’s murder?

Mr. Z. A. Bhutto was tried for Mr. Ahmad Khan Kasuri’s murder? Whether right or wrong, or no matter how the PPP leaders and Bhutto’s sympathizers present his judicial trial, the fact does not change that he was hanged under the charges of ordering the murder of a citizen of the country he ruled as prime minister.

Mr. Z. A. Bhutto played a role in steering situation towards dismemberment of Pakistan. No one bothered to charge him for facilitation of dismemberment of Pakistan. They hanged him for ordering the assassination of Mr. Ahmad Khan Kasuri. It was as dismembering Pakistan was a small insignificant event, but ordering Mr. Ahmad Khan Kasuri’s assassination was a bigger crime.

How long members of Pakistan ruling elite will continue subsiding the real crimes of the real criminals and keep trying them for the crimes which they may have or may have not committed?

If the PPP government wants to file charges against general Musharraf for BB’s assassination, we suggest the government should move article 6 against general Musharraf because it was a real, serious and more heinous crime committed by general Musharraf than triggering situation for BB’s murder.

Courtesy: crdp, 17 April 2010

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