Turkish music

Source – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF57ERall-o&feature=PlayList&p=33B29C5C5CC45DAF&playnext_from=PL&index=184


[I am not sure but I guess Turks are the biggest ethnic group and tribe in the world. From Uyghurs in China (Eastern Turkistan occupied/aministrated by China) to Bulgars in Balkans (Eastern Europe) they are spread all over as Turk rule was from China to Europe. They speak and write same language with different dialects and scripts. Tataris are also Turkish including all people in Central Asia. Central Asia was the center of the world not long ago, even today the buildings of universities and schools of international repute in Samarkand and Bukhara are living examples of the past glory.

I was amazed to see in movie, Qublai Khan grand son of Changez Khan, addressing to Marcopolo (Italian travelogue writer) as “Barbarian”. Marcopolo risked his life and traveled to Central Asia just to see the magnificent empire and development there as Europe was in Dark ages. This was not too long ago.

Turkish Music also has different flavours, but base language and culture is same. You will see similar dance and music through out. I found most of the Turkish music from Turkey kind of sadistic and their voice is heavy, but it appeals Turks of course. Turkish music in other parts of Central Asia and Europe is kind of mix – Munawar Ali].

Courtesy: Above music posted by Munawar Ali at Sindhi lists.

2 thoughts on “Turkish music”

  1. Fantastic .The deep throated voice has its own charm .
    It is so near Indian music that I could easily write the notations and sing note by note correctly.The whole composition was within one octave

    Please do play such charming music from different parts of the world .The gypsy music from spain to Romania is also very charming .They are very lively .
    The gypsies are originally from rajastan who migrated via egypt to eastern europe.Nazis treated them ruthlessly .
    The gypsy music is similar to Indian music .At a function in Mumbai,one gypsy from Romania played gypsy music and a rajasthani dancer danced to his tune .There was perfect unison for they were following 2 beats the most basic rhythm of the world Chandiramani

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