The Republican versus Pak jihadis – Manzur Ejaz

Dr. Manzur Ejaz

The Republican jihadis

Courtesy: WICHAAR

Extremist forces of the world pretend that they represent the people at large. For them the opinion polls and surveys do not matter. For the US and Pakistani jihadis, the only people that matter are the ones who agree with them. The dissenting public is just sub-human, the misled herd

When Pakistan’s delegation arrived in Washington for the strategic dialogue with the US, every noteworthy American politician was overwhelmed with the healthcare debate. I am sure Pakistan’s army chief, foreign minister, key cabinet ministers and top ranking bureaucrats may be wondering why Obama is making such a big deal about providing healthcare to every American instead of focusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan since Pakistani ruling collectives have never wasted their time on such an outlandish idea of thinking about people’s health and forgetting Kashmir, India or Afghanistan even for a day. However, the health debate must have brought a smile on the Pakistani delegation’s faces by watching the Republican Party’s protests.

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