NAB Chairman ordered to Jail on contempt of court

SC announces to send NAB tops to jail

Courtesy: The News

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) has ordered to put behind bars the Chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Naveed Ahsan and acting Chairman Irfan Nadeem, Geo News reported Tuesday.

The six-member SC bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry heard the Court Contempt notices against the NAB, Interior Ministry, the FIA and high-ups of Establishment Division for not implementing the SC’s NRO verdict.

The court also slammed the Swiss cases record’s being kept at Pakistan’s High Commission in London and said in its remarks that the matter relating the President’s immunity could be scrutinized if put before the court.

The NAB counsel Abid Zuberi told the court that Swiss cases record has been taken from the Pakistani High Commission, adding the record is sealed.

Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday wondered who would be responsible if the record is mishandled at the High Commission, adding this is the record which is under the custody of the criminals.

NAB chairman Naveed said the issue of President’s immunity is stumbling block in the matter relating Swiss cases. The CJ responded that if somebody faces problem over the issue, he would contact the court; addressing the NAB top official not to advocate it for nothing, as he (the President) did not claim the immunity.

The CJ Chaudhry told the NAB official that he will remain jailed until the NRO verdict is materialized.

Justice Chadhry Ijaz bristled in his remarks that the Executive is above the court’s verdict stemming its implementation.

NAB chief said he was on leave from March 9th in the wake of court verdict on the NRO.

Ahsan said he unconditionally apologizes to the Court, arguing that he was under wrong impression with regard to presidential immunity. The Chief Justice reprimanded Chairman Nab, saying that if someone has any thing to claim regarding immunity, he or she should come to the court to claim it, and that how could Chairman NAB decide on this matter on his own.

The CJ said if he does not send the responsible persons to the jail then he himself would fail his duties.

Though, the Swiss cases were not opened; but, the 60 million dollars of the country were searched for, he interrogated.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry addressed the NAB chief, ‘You had 80 days; but, you didn’t take any action before going on vacations. The Court gave you one-day notice tomorrow. Now, we are sending you to jail on one-day notice, as you are the responsible for no implementation.’

‘You will stay in jail until the SC’s verdict on National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) is implemented; the NAB wasted over three months,’ the court scolded.

The CJ Chaudhry told Ahsan that he is being sent to Adiala Jail on contempt of court and the court would see about if the government shows up for his rescue.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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One thought on “NAB Chairman ordered to Jail on contempt of court”

  1. Superior Court under I*** C*** is utterly dishonest, highly incompetent, intellectually corrupt, politically motivated and totally biased. Reasons for this are detailed below:-
    1. In the judgment of 31st July 2009, 14 PCO judges including Chief J*** I*** ousted 104 constitutionally appointed judges and dubbed them as PCO judges inspite of the fact that these 104 judges had never taken oath under any PCO. In fact I*** C*** and his handpicked bench became judges in their own cause and validated their own appointments. This is sheer dishonesty.
    2. NRO judgment is in clear violation of article 248. By referring to Swiss Cases President of Pakistan has been targeted despite constitutional immunity. Prosecutor General and Chairman NAB have been ordered to be removed from their offices. There is no law empowering the S*** Court to order the removal of these persons.
    3. NRO judgment is not capable of implementation in totality despite S*** Courts over exuberance. S*** Court is just trying to cover up its blunders by forcing Chairman NAB to implement the said judgment lest S*** Court gets exposed.

    PPP government and its legal team lack co-ordination and depth. Their comprehension is slow and response to the illegalities of S*** Court is either lacking or apologetic. The Attorney General is not performing his constitutional role of telling the S*** Court that Judiciary is exceeding its constitutional limits. The Attorney General is either silent in this matter for fear of contempt or is unaware of his constitutional obligations as Attorney General. The hitherto performance of Attorney General shows lack of competence and commitment. Senator Faisal Raza Abidi is a fairly competent person but he is alone. He needs a team of accomplished legal experts to support and supplement him. It appears that PPP’s legal advisers are hindering the formation of a larger team of legal experts in order to keep their monopoly. This monopoly is seriously undermining the writ of the government especially when it is facing strong opposition from PML [N] who have very close links with S*** Court Judges. Some of these connections are detailed below:-
    A. Nawaz Sharif has links with I*** C*** through Rana S*** and some other lawyers who are closely connected to Supreme Court Judges.
    B. Khalil Ramdey’s son who is a lawyer works for Nawaz Sharif. His nephew is also working for Nawaz and despite his inexperience he was made the Advocate General of Punjab but could continue because of his inability to perform the functions of that office.
    C. The daughters and a son-in-law of two recently appointed S*** Court Judges are working in a law firm of one of the senior legal advisers of Nawaz Sharif. This legal adviser who is also a former Advocate General of Punjab is a close confidant of these judges.
    D. The aforesaid former Advocate General and Advocate Hamid Khan have close connections with Justice Jawad Khwaja. This judge at one time was working in the same law firm.

    Peoples Party is growing weak because of its indecisiveness and inaction. PPP must tell the s*** court of its constitutional limits or quit. If Dr. Sher Afghan can take on the entire S*** Court single handedly why can’t the government in power force the S*** Court to remain within its bounds. S*** Court’s own validity is questionable and that is why judges are behaving erratically.

    These facts are absolutely correct and can be verified by anyone.
    [Some areas of this comment are censored by IAOJ]

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