Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif – Tactless remarks!

Tactless remarks – Dawn Editorial

Such remarks warrant criticism but what makes them worse is the position of the person who makes them.

BARELY days after the Punjab chief minister was caught playing to the Taliban gallery, another high official from the province is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. This time, Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Mohammad Sharif has sparked outrage for reportedly saying that Hindus were responsible for financing acts of terrorism in Pakistan. The remarks came while the judge was hearing two identical petitions against the possible extradition of Afghan Taliban suspects. It may well have been a slip of the tongue by Mr Sharif, who might have mistakenly said ‘Hindu’ instead of ‘India’ — nevertheless it was a tasteless remark to say the least.

Although such remarks warrant criticism what makes them worse is the position of the person who makes them. These sort of comments are the last thing one expects to hear from a judge, that too the chief justice of a provincial high court. What sort of message are we sending to our minorities, as well as to the world, when the holder of such a respected public office makes comments that come across as thoughtless? The Hindu members of the National Assembly walked out of the house on Tuesday to protest the remarks. The members said the comments had hurt the feelings of Pakistani Hindus — and there is no doubt that they had.

As it is, Pakistan scores quite poorly when it comes to treating minorities fairly. Remarks such as these put our already marginalised minorities in an even tougher spot, as the patriotic credentials of non-Muslims living in this country are put into question. Though foreign elements may be involved in terrorist activities within Pakistan, maligning a whole community based on its faith is totally unacceptable. Before making such tactless remarks, our public figures should consider how much they dislike it when others equate Muslims with terrorism. A member of the National Assembly quite correctly advised our judges to concentrate on the dispensation of justice in Tuesday’s session. In the meantime, one hopes that Justice Sharif explains his comments.

Thursday, 18 Mar, 2010

Courtesy: daily dawn

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5 thoughts on “Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif – Tactless remarks!”

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  3. janab justice khwaj shrif sahib Aslam-o-Alaikum.
    janab ajj ap[p se ek mazlum maa insaf ki gharz se app ko appeal kana chahti he. janab hum tajpora lahore centt k me kiayam pazeer he mery bety akhbar faroosh he.janab mery bety k dost ka jagra tajpora k kisi kabza grop se ho gea. mera beta us k sath tha or un k sath kuch behsoon mobaha ho gea lekin waha mojood loogo ne mamla rafadafa karw dia.agly din mera beta or us k do dost guzar rahy thy to un loggon n e dandoon k sath tashadod karna shoro kar dia is k dost to bhage gay or unho ne mery betey pr tashadod karna shoro krdia un zalmoo ne mery bety ka sar phar dia or gehra zakham ho geya onho ne zakham par jotia mari or mery bety ko road par gasista or bangry daly k kon he jo hamra muqabla kary hum F.i.R catwadi ab cause shashan court me he sr humy abi tak insaf nahi mila khudara humey insaf faraham kary.
    cause No#758/10
    mazlum ka name# M.Ahsan
    street#4.House no# 14. Gujapeer road tajpora lahore centt.
    mukzin: tariq papa,asgar golo, waqas, maqsood.

  4. Now almost all big political parties of Pakistan have gathered on 18th amendment to make the system better then suddenly there is Judicial conspiracy in the path of 18th amendment. It is true that Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has done great against dictatorship and fought bravely for reviving judiciary in Pakistan but he should realize that now it is not dictatorship in Pakistan. The judiciary was not revived to destruct the system which has been now started by judiciary. He is showing himself as a leader of Kings Party of Pakistan and other judges are showing like members of this party. Justice KS recently made speech with his shaking right hand seeming to be a blow for political parties, saying that CJ is his “QUAID” and he will never go against his “QUAID”. He further said with great passion while passion is not the part of the character of any judge, especially it is not goog for KS that he only obeys his leader CJ and he is only the “employer” of CJ and nothing else. This is clear that now judiciary is taking its part in politics and they are no more judges now, but they are Judicial politicians now. How could be CJ and Justice KS trusted?. They are working as a group for some personal interests. KS is there is to dispense justice among masses not to obey his father justice. He is employers of people of Pakistan not CJ. He is answerable to people of Pakistan and Allah not to CJ. This is the real face of these Massihas and symbols of Justice.

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