Don’t Confuse Restraint With Weakness: India Warns Pakistan

Washington: In a blunt warning to Pakistan, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao declared  that India’s restraint should not be seen as weakness and that it can deal effectively with those pursuing “destructive agendas” against it. “Despite the provocations we have face constantly from terrorist whose linkages we have traced back to Pakistani soil, we have not abandoned the path of dialogue.” Rao said in an address Monday at the Woodrow Wilson center, a renowned Washington think tank. Rao said that like the US administration, “India, too, is concerned at the terror infrastructure that has been allowed to be established, take root and be used as instrument of state policy in our immediate neighborhood.” “Our heartland, our cities and our people are exposed to the threat of terrorism in constant and almost unremitting way in a manner the US well understands, given the similar threats directed against the American people,” she said… India will also not scale down operations in Afghanistan despite terror attacks on its interests, she said…

SINDH : Peace Coalition Resolutions

House demanded that all provincial languages of federating units shall immediately be declared as national languages and all the illegal immigrants shall expelled from Sindh

– Zulfiqar Halepoto

March 18: Leaders of civil society organizations have condemned the spate of terrorist incidents in the country, especially in the Province of Punjab and the NWFP and demanded that serious efforts should be made to get rid of extremist elements from the country.

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