Pakistan is at a critical make-or-break stage – Abdul Sattar Edhi Says

By Qurat ul ain Siddiqui

…However, Pakistan is now at a critical make-or-break stage, and if the system does not undergo a major overhaul, I am afraid that the country may even break up. Given the current conditions, it will take nothing short of a calculated, studied revolution to change things and save Pakistan.

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Courtesy: daily dawn, Monday, 15 Mar, 2010

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Time to implement the Sindhi language bill

by Dr. Prof. Gul Agha

Sindhi is the sole official language of Sindh. It is time to implement the law — all officials in Sindh must be proficient in speaking, reading and writing Sindhi. All official versions of documents must be in Sindhi. All interviews and entrance exams, provincial Civil Service exams must be in Sindhi.

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