DG FIA sent to Adiala jail

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Add’l DG FIA arrested, sent to jail

ISLAMABAD: Additional DG FIA Ahmad Riaz Shaikh has been arrested from courtroom and sent to Adiala jail after the six-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, restored his conviction in a corruption case for five years imprisonment and Rs 20 million fine.

PPP secretary information Fouzia Wahab while talking to Geo News said Ahmed Riaz has served his conviction and PPP will file an appeal against the decision.

He was taken into custody from the courtroom as ordered by Supreme Court, Geo News reported.

According to the details, six-member bench of SC restored the conviction of Ahmed Riaz Sheikh and ordered NAB to seize his assets and submit report within three days.

On Monday, SC gave the bureaucracy 24 hours to explain the appointment of Ahmed Riaz Sheikh in the FIA in violation of its verdict that had revoked the National Reconciliation Ordinance.

Courtesy: The News, Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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NAB Chairman ordered to Jail on contempt of court

SC announces to send NAB tops to jail

Courtesy: The News

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) has ordered to put behind bars the Chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Naveed Ahsan and acting Chairman Irfan Nadeem, Geo News reported Tuesday.

The six-member SC bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry heard the Court Contempt notices against the NAB, Interior Ministry, the FIA and high-ups of Establishment Division for not implementing the SC’s NRO verdict.

The court also slammed the Swiss cases record’s being kept at Pakistan’s High Commission in London and said in its remarks that the matter relating the President’s immunity could be scrutinized if put before the court.

The NAB counsel Abid Zuberi told the court that Swiss cases record has been taken from the Pakistani High Commission, adding the record is sealed.

Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday wondered who would be responsible if the record is mishandled at the High Commission, adding this is the record which is under the custody of the criminals.

NAB chairman Naveed said the issue of President’s immunity is stumbling block in the matter relating Swiss cases. The CJ responded that if somebody faces problem over the issue, he would contact the court; addressing the NAB top official not to advocate it for nothing, as he (the President) did not claim the immunity.

The CJ Chaudhry told the NAB official that he will remain jailed until the NRO verdict is materialized.

Justice Chadhry Ijaz bristled in his remarks that the Executive is above the court’s verdict stemming its implementation.

NAB chief said he was on leave from March 9th in the wake of court verdict on the NRO.

Ahsan said he unconditionally apologizes to the Court, arguing that he was under wrong impression with regard to presidential immunity. The Chief Justice reprimanded Chairman Nab, saying that if someone has any thing to claim regarding immunity, he or she should come to the court to claim it, and that how could Chairman NAB decide on this matter on his own.

The CJ said if he does not send the responsible persons to the jail then he himself would fail his duties.

Though, the Swiss cases were not opened; but, the 60 million dollars of the country were searched for, he interrogated.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry addressed the NAB chief, ‘You had 80 days; but, you didn’t take any action before going on vacations. The Court gave you one-day notice tomorrow. Now, we are sending you to jail on one-day notice, as you are the responsible for no implementation.’

‘You will stay in jail until the SC’s verdict on National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) is implemented; the NAB wasted over three months,’ the court scolded.

The CJ Chaudhry told Ahsan that he is being sent to Adiala Jail on contempt of court and the court would see about if the government shows up for his rescue.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Source – http://thenews.com.pk/updates.asp?id=101804



(March 29, 2010) -The resolutions of National Conference’ on ‘A New Social Contract On The Basis Of 1940 Resolution-The Only Way To Save Pakistan organised by Save Sindh Movement. Leading political leaders, intellectuals and thinkers addressed the conference.

Rasool Bux Palijo, Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah, Mir Hasil Bazenjo, MNA Marvi Memon, Abrar Kazi, Shah Muhammad Shah, Zamir Ghumro, Ali Hasan Chandio, BNP leader Jhanzaib Khan of BNP, Yousuf Masti Khan, Ayub Shar, Zulfiqar Halepoto and others addresses the conference.

Conference was attended by a large number of political leaders and workers, civil society leaders, writers, intellectuals, lawyers and concerned citizens.



The All India Muslim League vide its Resolution dated 23rd March 1940 (Lahore Resolution), promised an arrangement whereby the states/units will be sovereign and autonomous. The 1940 Resolution had clearly envisaged Pakistan as “a federation comprising autonomous units which shall be completely sovereign.”


WSC demands right to self determination of Sindhi people at the 13 session of UNHRC Geneva.

A delegation of World Sindhi Congress (WSC) participated in the 13th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. The session is being held from 2nd to 26th March 2010.

Interfaith International, a United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) accredited NGO, provided an opportunity for a briefing to WSC on 11th March to deliberate on the gross human rights violations against

Sindhi and Baloch people. The briefing was attended by the representatives of UNHRC, European Union, representatives of a number of countries and various human rights organisations.

Speaking at the briefing, Dr Haleem Bhatti Chairman of WSC, said that Sindh is an ancient civilisation of secular people. Sindh contributes more than 70% of the budget of Pakistan and is the largest producer of oil and gas. He reiterated that establishment is committing worst human rights violations…


Dekho, dekho, kaun aya

by Gibran Peshimam

Courtesy: The News

Once a darling of the establishment, always a darling of the establishment. They say a leopard never changes its spots.

It is with this statement on the latest setback to the political process that I begin, because what has happened in the last few days is an essential part of a greater cause against civilian supremacy, and more specifically a besieged PPP. I hesitate to use the word “conspiracy” because it tends to make logic sound fanciful and unfairly so.


Runa Laila – great singer

One of the great singers .. was Runa Laila, but we know what big boots did to Bengalis and we lost such great people and only left with boots. Well here is unforgettable song of Talibulmaula by Runa Laila. Please Note the song is great but quality is not that high on internet. Please click here to listen Runa Laila

or click the following link;


Courtesy: Munawar Ali and SindhMusic.com

PAKISTAN : Rawalpindi, Christian burned alive is buried. Police suspected of setting him on fire

by Fareed Khan

Arshed Masih’s funeral was held today amid tight security. The silence of the Pakistani media and government on the matter. AsiaNews sources denounce the attempt at misdirection and reveal the last words of the victim: “The police set me on fire” following the instructions of the Muslim employer. In the past his wife repeatedly raped by officers.

Courtesy: AsiaNews

Rawalpindi (AsiaNews) – the funeral of Arshed Masih, a 38 year-old Pakistani Christian, burned alive because he refused to convert to Islam was held today in Rawalpindi, under tight security. Hundreds of people attended the funeral, including members of civil society and NGO representatives. So far the police have arrested none of the alleged perpetrators and neither have steps been taken by the Federal Government or Ministry of minority groups. Meanwhile, more details have emerged on the crime: a well-informed source has told AsiaNews that police officers were the ones to set fire to the man, on the “instructions” of Arshed Masih.

The 38 year-old Pakistani Christian, married and father of three children, aged7 to 12, died on 22 March following the serious injuries sustained during the assault. He suffered burns on 80% of his body excluding any possibility of salvation. The violence of his assailants was sparked by the man’s refusal to convert to Islam.

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Remembering Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Lahore : Institute for Peace and Secular Studies [IPSS] organised a gathering of writers, intellectuals and activists from Lahore on March 23, 2010 at Shadman market chowk to pay homage to Bhagat Singh.

To see, a RARE document! Death certificate of Bhagat Singh » http://yfrog.com/nms709j

VIEW: Pak-Afghan relations —Agha H Amin

Courtesy: Daily Times

I fail to understand how some of the country’s leading analysts can dub Afghanistan as being Pakistan’s backyard. Afghanistan is an independent state that boasts a great history. Seen in this context, how would Pakistanis feel if India tried to coin Pakistan as its backyard?

Since Pakistan’s foreign minister does not control a substantial part of Pakistan’s foreign policy — the part that concerns Afghanistan and India — Pakistan’s army chief, General Kayani is also visiting Washington for a Pak-US strategic dialogue.

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– Zulfiqar Halepoto

…During current PAK -USA STRATEGIC DIALOGUE, a lot of important development issues are going to be discussed and it is a healthy news that on the invitation from US Secretary of State yesterday two Sindhis attended the reception on the occasion of the U.S.- Pakistan Strategic Dialogue, they were Ali Nawaz Memon and Sarfraz Memon.

The entire Pakistani delegation was present there. They got the opportunity to handshake and say hello to Hillary Clinton and they got the chance to talk and lobby with some very important US senators and congressman.

They had special chance to meet Pakistan based US diplomats. Sarfraz Memon had a unique opportunity to spend some time of discussion one on one with US Ambassador Anne Peterson. He briefed her about the current socio-economic and political developments taking place in Sindh. He conveyed to her the concern of Sindhis about Kerry Lugar Bill Assistance and Sindh’s share and that may be Sindhi job applicants are disqualified at very early stage , and lower level of sorting of candidates for the embassy jobs.

Second item he brought to her attention that the visa policy of US towards our Sindhi visitors, students and artists.

There is still a great need to follow the dialogue and see what good is coming for Sindh in near future.

Courtesy: e-lists, March 24, 2010

Enough is enough : WE WANT CHANGE NOW!

I call on people to hold government responsible.

by: Ali Nawaz Memon, Gaithersburg, Maryland

For too long we have complained but have taken little practical steps to hold our government responsible. By this I mean elected officials– President; Prime Minister; ministers; MNAs; MPAs; secretaries; DCOs; police chiefs; all the way down to clerks and all others who have oppresses and neglected people.

We have waited too long. Waited for election of our own parties and personally known ministers. Not much has happened. OUR RULERS KNOW THAT WE DO NOT HAVE POLITICAL OPTIONS AND WE SHALL NOT TAKE ANY ACTION. But enough is enough.

Let us have an active people who are doers. I urge you to unite at local; district; province and national level.

Let us start by supporting good people in the forthcoming local body elections. Forget about which party they are from. Vote for good people who will work for welfare of our people. Judge individual candidates on basis of atleast what they have done to:





You can add more criteria as applicable in your area.

This morning I have watched a tragic video about what is happening to our people whose lands are producing most of oil and gas of our country. The video shows that disease and poverty has increased for those who are giving millions to our country. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT WHO IS NOT ABLE TO SHARE THE WEALTH WITH LOCAL PEOPLE. The link of the video is given below:


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Reinventing Pakistan – by Pervez Hoodbhoy

Courtesy: dawn

PAKISTAN is not a nation although it has been a state since 1947. Missing is a strong common identity, mental makeup, shared sense of history and common goals. The failure to effectively integrate flows from inequalities of wealth and opportunity, absence of effective democracy and a dysfunctional legal system.

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Sindh: A heart-twisting video Story of Thari and other Sindhi – A struggle for Water, Education, and Jobs

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

Once again comes the heart-wrenching story about the plight of Tharis whose struggle for dignity and simple essentials of life continues unabated. This time, it is a video documentary produced by a Pakistani reporter named Kamran Shahid for a Television program. The video focuses on the daily struggle for for water, education, and jobs for this small Sindhi village and assails the uncaring attitude of politicians, particularly those of PPP. Many of Sindhis if they watch this video are likely to be impacted emotionally and strengthen their resolve to vigorously participate in the alleviation of their plight.


The video shows the daily struggle of village men, women, and children to find drinkable water. It depicts animals and human beings drinking water from the same pond and the effort it takes to pull water from a deep well with the help of donkeys that must pull ropes for almost 100 yards. The broken Urdu that these broken people will convey the sense of helplessness that these people feel to communicate in broken Urdu that they hardly understand. They wish people who knew their own language would come to listen to their sorrows and have heart-to-heart chat about the misery that they suffer.

The reporter is taken to a a site where bare walls of a school that was supposed to start long time ago stand on an empty lot. The video shows disappointed and loitering kids roaming in streets without any where to go without a village school. The kids and their parents demand schools, education, and other opportunities to improve their livelihoods.

The reporter points to the border between India and Pakistan one mile away and asks the villagers if they knew how people lived in villages across the border. They reply immediately that the villagers on the other side have much better lives – they have piped dirking water, many tube-wells, and access to schools. The reporter comments that what is the fault of these people on this side of the border (Pakistan) that they should suffer so much and what makes the people living on other side of the border (India) to live better lives.

The reporter asks if the village has a dispensary or a medical clinic. The villagers reply that such they are not fortunate enough to have such a facility. They must carry their very sick relatives on carts to a hospital 30-40 miles away in the town of Umerkot. Many die sooner as the medical help cannot reach them on a timely basis.

I hope we will double our efforts to put pressure on Pakistani and international governments and institutions to come to rescue of poor Tharis and other Sindhis.

Via – http://pkpolitics.com/2010/03/20/front-line-20-march-2010/

Middle East : Israel – Palestine issue

by Omar Ali

… expecting the US and Europe to get up on their own and solve this problem (or any other problem they helped to create) you are being foolish.

On the other hand, it is equally foolish to assume that one can ignore the existence of US, Europe, public opinion, etc and decide “we” (meaning the exalted Ummah) will solve it on our own, thank you.

The facts on the ground are that Israel is the more developed power (with a huge advantage over its Arab neighbors, though not as much as it used to enjoy in the past when the camel jockeys were still stuck in the 18th century). The Palestinians are the weaker party. The weaker party has to use more of its brain than the stronger party (and in the best case, they use Judo: they turn the enemy’s strength against them).

The Palestinians have to work long and hard to get public opinion in Europe and the US to turn adjacent to Israel (and they have done a lot of that work and managed to get Europe especially to move further apart from Israeli hardliner positions, with patient hard work they will get the American public to move the same way, it can be done), they have to resist them on the ground, they have to organize enough to be able to sustain the struggle and they have to eventually offer the Israeli public an “out”…a way to settle this without being annihilated.

The last is important because it is important to remember that the Israeli public also consists of human beings, in this case organized in a rather sophisticated and capable culture. If their only option is annihilation or victory, they will fight tooth and nail. If they have a reasonable option short of annihilation, they too can be split between moderates and hardliners.

..read the voluminous literature about Mahatma Gandhi….

Or check out Hussein Ibish on the internet:


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President Barack Obama’s e-mail message.

Dear Friends — For the first time in our nation’s history, Congress has passed comprehensive health care reform. America waited a hundred years and fought for decades to reach this moment. Tonight, thanks to you, we are finally here.

Consider the staggering scope of what you have just accomplished: Because of you, every American will finally be guaranteed high quality, affordable health care coverage.

Every American will be covered under the toughest patient protections in history. Arbitrary premium hikes, insurance cancellations, and discrimination against pre-existing conditions will now be gone forever.

And we’ll finally start reducing the cost of care — creating millions of jobs, preventing families and businesses from plunging into bankruptcy, and removing over a trillion dollars of debt from the backs of our children.

But the victory that matters most tonight goes beyond the laws and far past the numbers.

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23rd March Pakistan day: Common Peoples’ Pakistan v/s Military Inc. Pakistan

Govt say, it doesn’t have money and it need  money for the corruption.

The Generals of the seventh biggest army of the world say, they are not servant but military Inc. and they only protect their interests first.

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Pakistani Women Organize Prayer Demonstration outside the United Nations

16th March 2010, Geneva: European Organization of Pakistani Minorities an International Independent NGO working for the minority rights for Pakistani’s organized a Peaceful prayer demonstration in front of the United Nations under the symbolic broken chair.

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by Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

Please click here to watch Thar desert and the poor conditions of people
Thar means desert, barren and full of sand and mud heaps and mountains. Its history is very old and unaccountable. It starts from Badin at the Western and Southern side from Mirpur Khas at its Northern side, At its eastern side, it is the Indian territory .The last town at the Eastern Southern side is Nangar Parkar.


Pakistan : Punjab can no longer live in a state of denial

by Ayaz Amir

Courtesy: The News

If FATA represents the cutting edge of terrorism in the name of Islam, Punjab, unfortunately, is the hinterland of this phenomenon. Or, to borrow a phrase from the repertoire of military folly, Punjab is the strategic depth of bigotry and extremism masquerading in the colours of Islam.

Religious extremism took root in the soil of Pakistan thanks to the so-called Islamisation policies of Gen Ziaul Haq and his role in pushing the first Afghan ‘jihad’. The dragon’s teeth of our sorrows were scattered by Zia. We are reaping the harvest.

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Kashmir is not an issue of bad governance but of self-determination: Mirwaiz

Geneva, Switzerland. March 20, 2010. During the 13th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, a seminar entitled, “Overcoming Barriers to Realizing the Self-determination” was organized by “The International Educational Development”, an NGO accredited with the United Nations. The seminar was chaired by Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council, Kashmir Center. In his opening remarks, Dr. Fai was keen to remind listeners that self-determination was a basic principle of the United Nations and that self determination and peace and international security are interrelated. The denial of self determination, he said, has brought India and Pakistan – both important countries – to the brink of nuclear catastrophe. ‘For last 63 years they have been talking about Kashmir but there was no face of the people of Kashmir. We want to make it clear that when the UN gave the right of self determination, they gave it to the people of Kashmir, whatever their religion, wherever they live.’ Therefore, Dr Fai said, the genuine leadership of Kashmir must be included in the talks. For the talks to be meaningful Dr. Fai suggested that there would have to be an envoy of ‘an international standing’ that was acceptable to both India, Pakistan and the Kashmiris and he proposed that Bishop Desmond Tutu should be appointed special envoy.

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