Gorakh hill station was G.M. Sayed’s idea

Hill Stations for Sindh.
Gorakh as a hill station was G.M. Sayed’s idea. Gorakh is known to Sindhi Sufis, as Gorakh Nath a Bikshu saint of the Buddhist Times is reported to have come there, mediated and preached against worshipped of Buddha, who himself had forbidden any worshipped of idols. This may be a folk-story, beyond which Gorakh has no merit as hill-station. G.M. Sayed had taken Pirzada Abdul Sattarto Gaj Bungalow on way to Gorakh in 1954. None of the two ever reached Gorakh. I went to G.M. Sayed and discussed with him that Gorakh peak was about 5600 feet high but the last 1200 feet of peak were very steep. The flat-land below it was only 4300 feet high and only about 400 to 500 acres in area. Being on 26th parallel, it could not be cooler than Quetta, which having the same height was on 30th parallel. Quetta is warm in June-July and Gorakh would be warmer than it by one or two degree centigrade. It would be preferable to develop Dharhiaro, which is about 6500 feet high and has a plateau of 5700 acres. I told him that I was planning to go there and spend, few days at end of May and early june, measure temperatures, and plan what is possible. I did visit the site, prepared plans for a deciduous farm there, but the Government of West Pakistan dropped the scheme on the pea that there are more feasible areas for deciduous fruits in the northern areas of West Pakistan.
Source – http://panhwar.com/Article36.htm

4 thoughts on “Gorakh hill station was G.M. Sayed’s idea”


    (Village Shadabad Organization Travel n Tourism)

    VSO. Organize trip of Gorakh hill station n promote tourism of Gorakh hill station, office is in JOHI with basic facility.

    VSO provide facility

    1) Transport (4×4 jeep) from Wahi pandi to Gorakh hill station.

    Capacity of Potohar 4×4 jeep is 6 persons including driver @ 3500/Rs per jeep.

    2) Food (Freshly prepared food at Gorakh hill station) n Rest house.

    One night stay at Gorakh hill station includes Dinner, Breakfast n Refreshment @500/Rs per person.

    You have to arrange

    Cmera, (capture the unforgettable moments.) Torch, (if stay at night at hill top.)

    Daily usage medicines, (medicines also available at JOHI.)

    Warm cloth, (hill top is cold n windy even in summer.)

    Zulifqar Birhmani

    Director of VSO, Johi

  2. After waiting a few days for a reply to my post, I visited MH Panhwar’s website… and was sorry to learn, that he had passed away in 2007. The confusion was due the date of publication, shown, as being during 2008.
    Anyway, it was a rewading visit to his website, in, that there was this article by late Mr. Panhwar, detailing his visit… maps, topography et al.

    Although I am yet to verify Mr Panhwar’s Peak Elevations related claim, but thats supplementary; for me, it was worthwhile, very educative, reading Mr. Panhwar’s methodically carrying out the needed research, regarding what he believed was a good prospect of a hill station for sind.

    I pray for his departed soul.

  3. Dear Mr Panhwar

    Could you kindly direct me to the location of Dharhiaro Hill Station, on the Map of Sindh; as you mention in your above paper.

    And since, I will try to determine its Location via Google Earth, please do mention the Cities closeto, or in proximity of Dharhiaro… by way of Land marks.

    Thanking you,
    I remain,
    Yours SAincerely

    S.H.S. Bukhari
    4th April 2009.

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