People and Provinces must be careful in selecting/ electing their representatives

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean

.. behind-the-scene newspaper story about the dishonest and disloyal role played by the Balochistan representative in IRSA’s decision to open the Chashma-Jehlum link canal. The newspaper article was published in today’s edition of The News The fact that the Ch Muhammad Amin who was nominated by Balochistan to be its member on IRSA voted against the wishes of that province shows the danger in allowing those who have dubious loyalties to be provincial representatives. The people and provincial leaders must be careful in electing or selecting heir representatives for wrong decisions could come to haunt them later.

It is long established that the long sufferings of Sindhis are substantially due to the bad representatives/leaders they selected or elected to represent their interests. Among them the decision to vote for Pakistan without ample legal guarantees that would be enforceable in the International Court for the promises of autonomy and sovereignty, remains the root cause of many of Sindh’s misfortunes. Repeatedly electing or selecting those with feudal mindset and/or who are only loyal to their personal interest is something that is hurting common Sindhis each and every day. The gullible nation of Sindhis has been taken for a ride for too many times with the result that common Sindhi does not even care who represents him or her.

One can see the immense damage caused by one disloyal representative to the interests of Balochistan. This representative has hurt the livelihood of millions of Sindhis who so desperately need water in the River Indus. Additional casualty of this disloyal act is also that the friendship and kinship between the people of Sindh and Balochistan has also been damaged. In spite of some irresponsible actions of past Sindhi and Baloch leaders that had created a rift among these two sister nations, the people of these two provinces had rebuild many bridges and restored their relationship. As a result, an overwhelming majority of Sindhis support the Baloch rights movement and want the military action to stop in Balochistan and letting Baloch be the main beneficiaries of the income from their resources. Note how cleverly the conspirators tried to crack the historic Baloch-Sindhi friendship using the services of one of their disloyal representatives.

The irony of the situation is that conspirators are the culprits and judges as well. They are not even allowing the government of Balochistan to fire this disloyal representatives. They are claiming that a provincial representative can only be withdrawn with the consent of ISRA. My God, how shackled have the provinces been made! They cannot even withdraw a disloyal representative and are being forced to accept they no longer have a choice in selecting or electing their representatives.

I hope that present leadership of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) that has been quite generous in nominating non-Sindhis to represent Sindhi interests in important decision-making forums will realize that this could back fire on them just as it did for the government of Balochistan and its people. They ought to realize that the disease that has caused Sindhis not to care about who makes the decisions and what decisions are made would likely work out in their disfavor not in long a future!

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