Husain Haqqani -An inspiration

Hussain Haqqani

Mr. Husain Haqqani -An inspiration to young leaders

Courtesy: The Capital Post

Prominent Journalist, Editor, Spokesperson, Commenter and Correspondent, Mr. Husain Haqqani currently holds the position of Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States. Prior to this, he has held numerous important designations. To name a few, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Sir Lanka, Minister of State and Federal Secretary for Information and Broadcasting are some of the positions he held in the past. Mr. Haqqani is also recognized as one of the youngest people to serve as Pakistan’s Ambassador abroad.

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Why is Sheikh Rashid getting attacked?

by Omar Ali

…. Why is Sheikh Rashid getting attacked? My guess (its only a guess) is because he was a senior facilitator of jihadi terrorists and now they are unhappy at the new policy. Pakistan will continue to bleed due to the leftovers of jihadi terrorism, India will continue to have its own indigenous terrorist movements, but Pak army “moral and diplomatic support” days are over….

Courtesy: CRDP, Feb 8, 2010