Mystery of Aafia Siddqui case

by: Omar Ali

All sides are hiding something in this case. There is no question about her being affiliated with extremist religious group (her first husband claims as much and most reports seem to indicate she was a true believer) but what happened between 2003 and 2009? There were several reports AT THAT TIME that she had been arrested by security agencies in Pakistan. Her family also claims that they kept getting messages from Pakistani security agencies saying she was OK (meaning they had her). So where was she between 2003 and 2009? And why wont SHE say anything about those years? Her lawyers have made no claims about that time either.

On the other hand, the whole Ghazni shooting story sounds too much like one of the “punjab puls muqabala” stories our police cooks up when needed. Still, she herself admitted to trying to escape and being shot in the process, so why won’t she say more about the events prior to that escape? who has her other two children? What is the Pakistani premier spy agency’s version of where she was between 2003 and 2009? Its all too murky and shady…..

The trial itself seems to have some farcical elements. The jury took a while to convict, but in the end they have trusted the official version, which seems very untrustworthy to me. A New York jury should be able to smell a rat in that story about her grabbing a gun out of nowhere. And why didn’t anyone ask where she was before she showed up in Ghazni?

The Pakistani governments sudden concern for her future is also very suspicious. IF anyone knows what has happened in the last few years, its the primer spy agency of Pakistan, who presumably arrested her in 2003…if they did not arrest her, then she was probably hiding with some extremists because how could the US have kidnapped her from Karachi without knowledge of the primer spy agency of Pakistan?

And why would the US try her in court in such a clumsy fashion? If they wanted to throw the book at her, they could easily cook up a terrorist profile more believable than the story about a neuroscientist hanging out in Ghazni with drawings of NEW YORK landmarks. Is the American security apparatus that tone deaf and dumb? and so on and so forth…

Courtesy: – CRDP, 3 Feb 2010

3 thoughts on “Mystery of Aafia Siddqui case”

  1. i would know only onething, she is a war criminal or terrorist?
    because i just know she attempt to shoot 3 soldiers during her custody in ghazni (Afghanistan). while the reason is that, US is already imposed a war in afghanistan and US should honor and treat her according the the Geneva accord.
    b/c Everything is fair in love and war and many more question.but the amirican jury is totaly partail and biased…………………….. we protest against that decision and would ask to UNO to take strict action againt the Kangroo’s Court…

  2. Good post. Everything always is shady and fishy (or may be it is made that way) but I can’t believe how the jury could fall for such a dumb story !
    Are you kidding a Nueroscientist Woman would do anything like that and deserve such a treatment, they must be blind or very very racist !

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