This Islam is unacceptabe

by: Wasi Siddiqui, Toronto

“Recite Kalma – Blow yourself up with a bomb – and you will enter Paradise where 72 virgins await you.”

This is what is being taught by dangerous and radical mullahs who are ruining the lives of young people, especially teen agers, in Pakistan.

Recently, a would be suicide bomber was caught in Peshawar, where he told the whole story about how the radical mullahs are recruiting young people and promising them paradise and 72 virgins if they attain the level of “shaheed”.

The man explains that one night, as he was asleep in his home, some men came knocking on his door and asked him to come outside, as the mullah, the head of the masijid , had a job for him. The man first thought there was some kind of emergency, and rushed to the masjid to see the mullah. There he saw 20 more people sitting along with him. The mullah said: “Subhan Allah, the Angeles of Allah are waiting for your sacrifice, (as are) 72 virgins that you will get for achieving the level of shaheed.”

Was there anyone who would refuse the order of Allah? All the young men replied, “No, we cannot refuse the order of Allah, and we are ready to die in the name of Allah, the most merciful and graceful, and we will do whatever, to achieve this great martyrdom.”

The this man was taken inside a van and asked to wear a jacket laden with explosives. The driver siad, “You have to detonate the bomb as soon as we enter the compound,” then added: “Can you see the 72 virgins, they are right at the corner of the street, and also in the skies!” The young man said, “I can’t see anything,” But the driver said, “You won’t be able to see the virgins unless die and achieve the level of shaheed.”

The driver began to drive at high speed zig-zagging on the road. When the young man asked “Why are you driving  this way,” the driver replied: “There are lots of virgins now on the streets waiting with open arms, I’m trying to avoid hitting them.”

As the van approached the destination, a tire burst and the vehicle turned turtle and fell into a ravine. Law enforcement officials who happened to be on patrol rushed to the scene and removed the driver and the young man – still laden with the bomb around his body – and arrested both the wannabe suicide bomber and driver. That is when the story came out. Both are now awaiting trial in Peshawar.

The bigger question is : How has Islam become a .. [story] around the world, with this radical mullah’s ideology? Where it is mentioned in the Holy Quran or any other Islamic book that by committing suicide, one can achieve Paradise? What about the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who taught Islam his whole life, to be nice and courteous to all human beings? …

This issue is giving all Muslims a bad name, and totally misrepresenting Islam – which stands for justice and peace, not killing innocents. One must strongly condemn such acts as evil and highly deplorable.

Courtesy:  South Asia Focus, Jan 28, 2010

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