Karachi Situation: May Lord keeps Sindh safe from all evil designs?

IAOJ editorial :

If the reports about the submissive position by Sindh govt to the culprits behind the recent incidents of violence in Karachi are true, then it should be disapprove. Sindh is the land of peaceful and Sufi (Humanist) people, therefore, except on rare deteriorating political occasions and only when extremely provoked, peaceful Sindhis have never taken hostile actions against any ethnic community or group any where. On the contrary, they have continuously suffered under unjust governments imposed/manipulated by Islamabad/Lahore. They have seen their cities and resources pilfered away while the rural Sindh gets pushed to the lowest levels of poverty unseen in any Asian country. If anything, PPP, PML-N, ANP, MQM, its leaders, past federal governments and their leaders should apologize to Sindh for the injustices suffered by them.

The PPP, MQM and other representative groups in Sindh should not forget that Sindh voted for PPP, MQM and others because they made commitment to truly represent Sindh in all deliberations and safeguard the interests of Sindh. We have no doubt that the people of Sindh will move away from PPP, MQM and other parties if they do not act in a dignified manner and fails to implement affirmative action programs to eliminate waderashahi, improve education, peace and health facilities in Sindh and particularly in rural and lifts rural Sindh from abject poverty.

May God always keep Sindh safe along with entire world from all evil designs and give us the intelligence, knowledge, and strength to recognize the true friends and foes of Sindh. May we always choose leadership that is proud of the heritage of Sindh and committed to resolve the issues of the people of Sindh.

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